• Let's Play - GTA V - Easily Distracted

    Let's Play: Let's Play - GTA V - Easily Distracted

    Join Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Ray, and Lindsay as they play "Easily Distracted" in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Comments (89)

  • DarkArmor14


    1 year ago

    Oh my god this was fantastic!

  • theeshyguy


    1 year ago

    Gavin: No... please! *Get's stabbed by mugger*
    I cant stop laughing lol

  • daleonar


    1 year ago

    Gavin! You're running through the propellers!!! That's why you keep dying!

  • AbnormalJoe


    1 year ago

    Oh man, what a riot! The mugger scene was the cherry on top.

  • firefiame


    1 year ago

    Muggers now steal vehicles, including Pegasus vehicles.

  • AlexisG118


    1 year ago

    yes alan wake this should of been a Let's Fail, I didn't even know what was going on half-way through the video

  • AlanWake


    1 year ago

    remember lets fails? this should of been one

  • seanhusebo


    1 year ago

    Also, I love how Gav doesn't realize he keeps running into the running propellers.

  • ArthropodGuy


    1 year ago

    Gary and his horde's campaign against Gavin made my week. Everything else added more and more delicious icing to the cake.

  • seanhusebo


    1 year ago

    35:10 might be one of the most amazing moments in GTA...I'm ducking dying here.