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Comments (30)

  • casjester


    1 year ago

    The song im trying to figure out is the one they're whistling right at the start. Its not that american authors one

  • DentonA


    1 year ago

    "desaters a word that dosent applie to me.. oh fuck im dead." XD

  • ThatSwede


    1 year ago

    I'm pretty sure that the song they can't figure out is "American authors - best day of my life".

  • Ileen


    1 year ago

    This was such a great video, the ATV part was hilarious

  • BigW999


    1 year ago

    Hey Guys, My name is Connor. I recently created a race in GTA V that you guys might be interested in for an LP. It's called Bifta Dirt Run, and it is a race around one of the oil plant areas that're all dirt. It's created by my gamertag which is BigW999. The race is a GTA race and has multiple rocket pickups, it is a little long, averaging five minutes, but it has skinny roads, sharp turns, and, of course, rockets. I think it has all the ingredients for creating the mayhem that Achievement Hunter is known for in GTA. If you guys check it out, make sure to use all biftas or all bikes of some kind. It is a GTA race so you guys can decide whether to use personal weapons or not. I know you must get a dozen of these ideas a week, but if you get the chance give it a look see, I think you may like it.

  • HernRomero


    1 year ago

    What's the song? It's driving me mental.

  • PixyDanger


    1 year ago

    That song... it reminds me of the music from Flux in the first Mass Effect.

    Post edited 6/30/14 8:18PM

  • BernardoPere


    1 year ago

    I can not put this shit in full scream because the fucking adds

  • Kalathanon


    1 year ago

    The ATV were the enemies, they had to die to make you loose.

  • cptJack22


    1 year ago

    That story about the Titan might have been me. I definitely did that once. Sorry Michael.