• Let's Play Minecraft

    Let's Play: Let's Play Minecraft

    The achievement hunter lads hop into Minecraft Xbox 360 edition for the first time. Everyone except Gav was playing this for the first time ever. Be sure to stay until the end for the thrilling conclusion to their first adventure!

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Comments (603)

  • Duchess_Snow


    5 months ago

    I like how one of times they asked Gavin what he was doing he replied with trying to kill people and none of them seemed to notice.

  • JamesMcP


    7 months ago

    I'm rewatching all the Minecraft Let's plays because I have no life :/

  • StephanieEyl


    1 year ago

    Mmmm :) so nice to go back to the beginning and watch it again. :)

  • Barbaloot


    1 year ago

    I love the juxtaposition of Gavin mining iron and everyone else trying to figure out how to make Sticks.

  • smiegle2


    1 year ago

    Ancient as heck but still funny as heck

  • Dancebunny17


    1 year ago

    Re watching all minecraft let's plays. This will not take long at all.

  • MJKS


    1 year ago

    No tutorial can teach you about betrayal.

  • Grantangry


    1 year ago

    Mogar's first kill. Never forget.

  • Mitchanaitor


    1 year ago

    The first time I watched this I almost died of laughter and 1 year later still dying

  • danbonrp


    1 year ago

    Where it all started