• Let's Play Minecraft Episode 39 - Dig Down

    Let's Play: Let's Play Minecraft Episode 39 - Dig Down

    Geoff has challenged Jack, Michael, Gavin and Ray to find the ingredients to build a Tower of Pimps inside of 4 identical cubes encased in glass. DIG!

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Comments (183)

  • XanderWherry


    1 year ago

    it take 81 gold nuggets to make a gold block 81X4 4x8= 16+16= 32
    it takes 324 golden nuggets to make the tower of pimps

  • LilDee181


    2 years ago

    Fun Fact: A Buttload is an actual measurement. 1 Buttload is equal to 126 gallons.

  • BooBrother


    2 years ago

    that would really piss me off

  • BBSniper88


    2 years ago

    you guys should check out my channel to see more minecraft stuff its no match to roosterteeth but i am trying to get there lol


  • ChrisLeather


    2 years ago

    Shout out to pizza rolls. Dude, what a great idea. Next time I have a gathering of friends, I'm going to make a point of bringing up that we should bet each other on how many pizza rolls we can eat.

  • Gellister


    2 years ago

    This is the episode that marks Jack's descent into madness and officially cements Ryan as the most "normal" of the LP regulars. smiley1.gif

  • WhatWhat2But


    2 years ago

    I love how they are making fun of the assholes who complained about the Wool Wall Let's Play

  • Tooth31


    2 years ago

    while watching, press 6.

  • Pugiron


    2 years ago

    When I play the video I hear the audio of this week's AA (Gus and the rat)

  • johnbob122


    2 years ago

    Ray; "wait. What?!?"