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Comments (149)

  • lumanson


    9 months ago

    I just realized that the lava pit that Gavin falls into at 19:19 is the lava pit he created in the original King Ryan part 2 at 19:22. So in a way this was very delayed suicide.

  • Aqua113


    10 months ago

    At 19:00, Gavin learns that Edgar is missing from his hole.

    Foreshadowing events to come...

  • VaggelisRVB


    1 year ago

    Im the mad king and i do whatever the f*ck i want
    Mad king returns.... ALL HAIL THE MAD KING

  • DarkArmor14


    1 year ago

    "Well, you can move, or I can murder you out of the way."

    The Mad King is back.

  • Kaiser137


    1 year ago

    if i could post this video for an idea for Kerry to have his own house in achievement city rather than living in Micheals basement ask please

  • minclassics


    1 year ago

    Pick up steaks was amazing.


  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    dear god ryan dropping those animals

  • NoctisCorvus


    1 year ago

    The mad king got madder. Will there ever be a limit to his nefarious ways?

  • Brony4Lif3


    1 year ago

    Gavin's a bloody genius for hiding in the tree.... although the odd wood block would've given it away XD silly Kerry!!

  • SomeKindofCaveDemon


    1 year ago

    Mad King Ryan = good, Sulky Boss Geoff = bad