• Let's Play Minecraft Part 9

    Let's Play: Let's Play Minecraft Part 9

    This is it! The thrilling conclusion to build the tower of pimps. WHO WILL RISE TO THE TOP!? Watch the video. Now.

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Comments (309)

  • Griforb


    1 year ago

    they didn't cut to jack once this video

  • Li77lewolf

    Li77lewolf Diglett Dig

    1 year ago

    I wanted to cry with the amount of times Michael was point blank staring at iron and didn't realise it.

  • BrastainHilb


    2 years ago

    So... Read the closesd captions :P

  • HvyMtlGamer


    2 years ago

    Episode 9. Michael finally learns how to play Minecraft.

  • S117Oracle


    2 years ago

    Protip #1 for Michael: Get a freaking stone pickaxe.
    Protip #2 for Michael: LOOK THE F*** UP

  • blob197


    2 years ago

    Redder than Andrew. Shout out to Internet box

  • FLMP


    2 years ago

    has anybody else noticed that on gavins screen micheal wasn't banjo

  • XNutcrackerX


    2 years ago

    After rewatching this again I see that Gavin could have actually killed Geoff when he had the armor if he fought better. Especially after he respawned.

  • MasterKeg200

    MasterKeg200 Record Smash/DragonNuro

    2 years ago

    Gavin got his ass kicked....

  • fffaux


    2 years ago

    I have literally never seen a larger deposit of Iron Ore than that which Michael just...disregarded.