• Lets Play MLB2k12 with Geoff and Gav

    Let's Play: Lets Play MLB2k12 with Geoff and Gav

    Geoff teaches Gavin the rules of baseball in MLB 2K12. Things seemed to be going smoothly until Geoff shit his pants while recording this commentary.

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Comments (490)

  • JackDouet


    1 year ago

    Love all the celebrity references by Gav

  • InsaneTacoz


    1 year ago

    Could anybody imagine this being a real game of baseball? Like sitting there in the stands watching the catcher run around in circles?

  • Tower_Pimps


    2 years ago

    Such a good lets play!

  • mtndewman123


    2 years ago

    Nice it's always sunny in Philadelphia reference

  • CalebG


    2 years ago

    This one is just hilarious.

  • DeltaChurch


    2 years ago

    I couldn't breath towards the end. It started to hurt. Love this vid

  • james229


    2 years ago

    This is definitely the reason why I watch Let's Play. It always bring a smile to my face.

  • InsaneTacoz


    2 years ago

    Funniest shit I've ever listened to ever in a lets play, ever.

    Aside from Geoff's.

  • Jackerdoom


    2 years ago

    I could not stop laughing, this easily takes a top 3 funniest letsplay spot on my list.

  • Don_Jimbo_27


    2 years ago

    At 21:44 - Gavin: "Here's Ryan Dunn..."

    (R.I.P. Ryan Dunn)