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Comments (102)

  • ROFLwaffle5000


    2 years ago

    @BarytaQ The worms let's plays are my favorites so I like to rewatch them, and I never noticed the "lightning bolt of wonder" in this episode until you pointed it out in your comment. Now I am wondering the same thing.

  • voltanian


    2 years ago

    the best part is micheals burp!

  • kyllermonkei


    2 years ago

    My notes; 1. Dont prod 2. Dont be GAvin 3. Be Ray



    2 years ago

    I would love to play Worms with these guys.

  • M4ttz8


    2 years ago

    Shout out to the glitched mine XD

  • BarytaQ


    2 years ago

    Soo... Michael talks about a "Lightning bolt of wonder" near the 27:45 mark in this Let's Play. Was this recorded AFTER part 2? Cuz there was a "Lightning bolt of Wonder" that cost Michael the game in part 2. I dunno if this was said before, whether they pointed it out at one point, or if I'm just being stupid.

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    Geoff: "If dicks taste like this i would eat dicks!" AHAHAHHAHA! Griffon would like to see that!

  • TAURUSx244


    2 years ago

    Geoff and Charlie Day are the same person

  • Dcarlin27


    2 years ago

    Man id love to play worms with these guys fucking love their videos!!

  • thatoneguy8D


    2 years ago

    I bet they are haribo gummy bears :D