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  • Community Video: Street Fighter IV

    Pajamachievements: Community Video: Street Fighter IV

    In our first PJA community video ever, Barbara (aka BlawnDee), Keturah, Britannie (aka blawnder), Kristen, Farah, and Shaun show us Street Fighter 4 all the way from Canada!

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Comments (35)

  • AndrewPatroclus Butt Pirate

    1 year ago


  • Kwazibantu

    3 years ago

    Wow, I don't know how I found this gem, but I'm glad I did....sort of.

  • sherwood784

    6 years ago

    gotta love canada =D

  • rating

    6 years ago


  • Chris727

    6 years ago

    lol nice work

  • bonfire300

    6 years ago

    YEAH!!! Represent Canada!!!!!

  • Jackel86

    6 years ago

    Love that dancing fat kid.

    Hehehe..... childhood obesity.......

  • crazyroo123

    6 years ago

    u r gay be cus u r 40 old women

  • Kickapoo

    6 years ago

    In reply to AssCutter, #23:

    I agree with that, one of them should wear a Geoff mask

  • grif319

    6 years ago

    Ok not the greatist the orignal is always better

  • Fubarjr

    6 years ago

    Good job Girls. It's your first venture out, but hopefully not your last. Keep 'em coming and you'll find your rhythm.

  • DarkKin82

    6 years ago

    All you haters
    a) Just have something against Canadians.
    B) Girls playing video games in their PJs.
    c) Are just angry that you weren't the lucky guy that hung out with them.

    Pick one of the above, take a chill pill and congratulate this crew on getting their first video onto the community. Great job girls.

  • AssCutter

    6 years ago

    I miss Geoff.

  • SpartanAB

    6 years ago

    The only thing good about this was the girls. The video had no direction, focused on the game to much, bad light and had a guy playingthe games. However, it is a first try.

  • Justin19

    6 years ago


    Don't worry he probably won't mind

  • Jmangt

    6 years ago

    mmm yes it is true you do need a wise cracking A-hole to make it great. but the girls gave it their best shot and hot chicks playing video games is always fun

  • gnemtu

    6 years ago

    they are no original pajamachievements. besides, there is no Geoff to crack some jokes.

  • Realchaos

    6 years ago

    Now if only I can convince several lady friends of mine to get in pajamas, organize an event, and play video games with me being the Californian Geoff....I probably lost them at the pajamas part didn't I?

  • ReaperKL

    6 years ago

    cool vid

  • metacowe

    6 years ago

    it's still good but i like the original better

  • michael1988

    6 years ago

    ladies i salut u. that looks like a cool party to join. must try street figther 4 2 some time lol

  • lovelandr

    6 years ago

    CANADA KIKS ASS!!! U KNOW IT TO BE TRUE GEOFF. It's in your blood.

  • Aerrior

    6 years ago

    I thought J ho was a nasty nickname for Jennifer Lopez

  • grif319

    6 years ago

    woo u guys rock expecily u linsey <3
    lol check out geoff the pimp

  • ronlocke

    6 years ago

    yes it was funny but only the fact they tryed.. lol.. I think there bro or boyfriend got them in to it.. and they are just in there for the fun.. thats all.. i know that the whole point but still think this is bad in so many ways..

  • ronlocke

    6 years ago

    nice try ladys but the pajamachievements party wins fan down.. there the best .. these little girls sound like newbies to videogames.. aleast the ladies who started pajama party knows what characters are these ladies serously dont know how to play games..

  • tehfedaykin

    6 years ago

    hahahahaha, i love it!

  • tonyski change is scary

    6 years ago

    this vid is made of Community Awesome

  • Rang3rRick

    6 years ago

    I'd be cool if the girls made a Pajamachievements team and played in the RT tournaments.
    From what I here Griff is real peggle champ.

  • cc4me

    6 years ago

    In reply to Larcher, #3:

    we should have the canadian pajamachievement girls pillow fight the americans!


    6 years ago

    man... i wish i had frends like them

  • perfectseven

    6 years ago

    Cool Vid smiley4.gif

  • Larcher

    6 years ago

    I think there should be a Canada Pajamachievements Vs. U.S.

    Winner: Who ever is watching the video!

  • conmars

    6 years ago


  • Zotaku87

    6 years ago

    Love these ladies. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif