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Comments (1092)

  • diesirae4


    1 week ago

    I hope he and lindsay never split. That will leave a mess thats harder to clean up.

  • therealjfalc


    4 weeks ago

    I am laughing so hard right now x3333

  • linkyblinky


    1 month ago

    Matt's face is the greatest thing ever

  • Cegorachsfangirl


    3 months ago

    Still one of the best videos out there.

  • thedoccers


    4 months ago

    Still the best.

  • Roxierocks

    Roxierocks Games Writer

    7 months ago

    Matt is unimpressed

  • Sp33dl3m0n


    9 months ago

    I cant breath

  • Toon2906


    10 months ago

    think it is broken yet

  • Devindude69


    1 year ago

    Talk about rage quit.

  • AllisonProbs


    1 year ago

    "goddamnit you fucking whore, you're fucking dead to me"