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Comments (76)

  • ErzaSan


    11 months ago

    I love michaels reaction to the bunny

  • MacKenna


    1 year ago

    i laughed about this vid 4 hours......days...put this on my i'm gonna kill your wife......oh wht is he doin?.....he's fuckin the corpse......

  • KevinAmbriz


    1 year ago

    what did u say u fuckin bunny

  • gabedevinmye


    1 year ago

    anyone see the length of the video :3 420 JUST BLAZE!!

  • FrostMirror


    1 year ago

    I'm going to just shift in and be like- HOUY

    ROFL he almost sounded asian there

  • MadMista


    1 year ago

    This is the only Rage quit i don't like. It felt like they only did it to show of their sponsor's game

  • Cole2999


    1 year ago

    Oh my god, I fucking laughed so hard at 3:56! And I stopped laughing just in time for 4:05, and to laugh even harder. One of my favorite Rage Quits so far, definitely

  • Chizypuff


    1 year ago

    3:52 is probably the best and worst part of any rage quit

  • WarrenFurbec


    1 year ago

    Hey he should play Fishy on gamefudge

  • The_Random


    1 year ago

    i want to play all the ragequit games just to show him im better