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Comments (31)

  • Col_Hague


    1 year ago

    Idea for a things to do - GTA5, Play tag with police batons, best in a semi controlled space to keep people from going too far, only the player that is ON / ( IT ) can hold a police baton out all other players keep it in there pants.
    3 ways to play this game.
    1 - only one player on at a time Tag is transferred from player to player.
    2 - Tag spreads like a zombie virus until all are hit with a police baton,
    3 - Play the game with a Combat KNIFE one player VS ALL.
    also you can make it so the last player to get Tagged picks who is on at the start of the next round or you can make it so the 1st player to get tagged is it at the start of the next round. or even the 1st player it be killed from being hit with the baton to many times is it next round.

  • Nathanyal


    1 year ago

    I want Reverse Race X and I want it to be really long. Like, 30 mins. smiley7.gif

  • SoulTech64


    1 year ago

    BURNOUT 3 TAKEDOWN LETSPLAY!!!! (best burnout)

  • SomeKindofCaveDemon


    1 year ago

    And here I'd thought they were going to do a race backpedalling at 1 mph on those bikes. Dang.

  • InsaneTacoz


    1 year ago

    Reverse Race X: driving backwards into oncoming traffic.

  • Silvador


    1 year ago

    Careful with that finger, Jack. I found out that if you stick it up at people for too long, like a cop or paramedic, they WILL come after you.

  • EricHVela

    EricHVela Sqorsor

    1 year ago

    I was thinking it was going to be a race with face cams only -- the ones that look backwards (which would probably be just annoying instead of fun... but funny to watch possibly).

    Yet to me, this seems far more exciting than what I thought it was going to be.

  • MPDanilROC


    1 year ago

    I don't want to spam ads like most people do on YouTube, but does anyone know the rules for self advertising in these comment sections?
    (Ohh also, I make content just like the LetsPlay channel, so check me and the mates out ;)

  • WolfMonkey


    1 year ago

    Lets have a round of applause for Team Trial and Error

  • KaiFarr


    1 year ago

    Jack was hilarious with flipping everyone off xD

    And Jack and Gav make a great team.

    Not for winning, obviously, but just humour