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Comments (27)

  • WillKeve


    1 year ago

    Ray riding his jet ski on the stone got me thinking... They should do a things to do or lets play of racing the jet skis across the sand beach. Set up obstacles, jumps, explosives. Maybe even have one person in a jet. Last person going wins or do a race either way.

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    Geoff the champion!

  • agent_york


    1 year ago

    This is the 100th episode!

  • assilemmarie


    1 year ago

    Lindsay won
    No question
    Sorry geoff

  • Riku102


    1 year ago

    round 2 anyone?

  • HarrisonFoun


    1 year ago

    This video isn't about a race. It's about a Rayce!

  • IsaiahSwag


    1 year ago

    some day i hope to be a employee of achievement hunter .

  • Lightning2x


    1 year ago

    Me and my friends like to have this backflip competition in gta5. In Los Santos there is like this giant sewer or drain area right behind a los santos customs you know your in the right spot if there is a bridge next to it. We always get motorcycles and do back flips and junk off the walls and who ever can land on top of the adjacent bridge wins. Possible things to do?

  • PhilB


    1 year ago

    THAT'S the type of pool party to have.

  • lancer820


    1 year ago

    @whatnow165 fuck off