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Comments (27)

  • Wayne27uk


    3 months ago

    Shud make this a 4 way style match would be like hungry hippos but with chickens and snowballs.

  • Redmold


    2 years ago

    There's nothing funnier than Geoff hopping down into the bucket to wring all the chickens' necks after each round.

  • CandySniper


    2 years ago

    I would love to see a let's play with this, you know with many players.

  • AeroQC


    2 years ago

    Yay, Cluck in a Bucket!

    That's what we call a meal from KFC in my family. It's from a comedic series of books.

  • Noobsonthego


    2 years ago

    If you guys do the same on PC there is no chicken limit, and it could probably make for a good things to do.
    i once had 200+ chickens in a 2x4 box and let them all go, it was wonderful

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    those poor chickens... this video makes me hungry now

  • FndationAfro


    2 years ago

    The play-off round should have been sudden death, the first one to get a chicken loses.

  • Lynx_Mercury


    2 years ago

    Kinda neat, atho you should've given ray and jack more snow balls and set the dispensers to fire faster

  • Pvt_Johnes


    2 years ago

    chicken bouquet

  • Sturben


    2 years ago

    I thought this said Chicken Butt at first... I hope I'm not the only one...