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Comments (20)

  • knutezooty


    3 years ago

    I look at castle crashers and foam from the mouth.

  • FamousOutcast


    3 years ago

    isnt this pretty much the same as Quake?

  • jghost07


    3 years ago

    don't worry fragger, back here on rooster teeth, all our speaking sucks, so it doesn't matter

  • Nemesisaol


    3 years ago

    it seems like a updated unreal tournament 2004

  • Chudder2


    3 years ago

    That looks nothing like the original Nexuiz.

  • TheDoctor561


    3 years ago

    I like lasagnia better than tacos

  • i2egan


    3 years ago


    i also noticed that, and the guns look like covenant weapons.

  • DarkMarathon


    3 years ago

    This was pretty ok. I might consider getting it. It plays like an older shooter and I actually enjoyed it. I was getting positive k/d spreads often and dethmatch was fast paced and fun.

  • OniExpress


    3 years ago

    That was... not enticing game-play. The game itself looks interesting, but the actual play through was painful. Or is that some result of it apparently being necessary to explain what an "arena" game is? Oh well. :/

  • cub3dud3925


    3 years ago

    it looks like a rip off of halo, with the aliens as elites...
    am i the only one who sees this?