• The Simpsons Arcade

    This is...: The Simpsons Arcade

    Geoff and Gus turn back the time machine to 1991 and take a look at the new XBLA release of The Simpsons Arcade Game! Which Simpsons episode is your favorite?

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Comments (47)

  • Fallen6609


    3 years ago

    god i remember this was the only game at chuck-e-cheese i played for the longest time. i didn't even care that it didn't give me tickets, it was just so damn fun. i had to play rock, paper, scissors, with my friends to figure out who would be Bart.

  • SHP


    3 years ago

    I used to play this as a kid. finally I Beat this a last year I used 20 Quarters. To play this bitch to win.

  • falcon4196


    3 years ago

    X-men, Ninja turtles, and now The Simpsons. All I need now is the aliens vs predator arcade game and my life will be complete

  • sergeant32


    3 years ago

    fuck i feel old

  • Maddeh


    3 years ago

    Wow.. I remember this... no Idea when or where I played it and the game's as old as I am... but I played this non stop for a really long time as a kid...

  • Leo_B


    3 years ago

    They still have a Simpson Arcade machine at a pizza place I go to. Funny thing is I never seen a single quarter go in it.

  • Veggieninja


    3 years ago

    Where is Jack?

  • Visigoth


    3 years ago

    I miss local arcades.

  • xRT4everx


    3 years ago

    omfg this game is older then i am im only 19 and i still played the crap out of this game growing up...

  • tictac472


    3 years ago

    *6:00* No, not the bees!