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Comments (9)

  • datalaughing

    datalaughing Always Right

    1 year ago

    "Wadi" is an Arabic word referring to a dry riverbed, at least originally. It's generalized to almost any large depression in the desert.

  • DeanArcher


    1 year ago

    The Triumphant return of Gater and the Bear smiley13.gif

  • REDbent

    REDbent redbent

    1 year ago

    and.... we are paying attention .... for once.

  • RelyksZv


    1 year ago

    Umm..... Michael? Think they mixed the video up. So..... Trials Files #71 is actually #70!!!

  • ROFLwaffle5000


    1 year ago

    The description is from a previous episode.....

  • HalfricanBush

    HalfricanBush Halfrican Warrior

    1 year ago

    Wahhh Wahhh wahhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Carl1


    1 year ago

    I think they released the wrong video...maybe?

  • FlutterDash7

    FlutterDash7 Im Callam Hi

    1 year ago

    Where the fuck is michael?

  • YoungMonkey


    1 year ago

    The description's all wrong...