• VS Episode 77: Ray vs. Gavin

    VS: VS Episode 77: Ray vs. Gavin

    Was Gavin's last week win a fluke or will he continue winning after being challenged by the VS's master Ray? Watch and find out!

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Comments (26)

  • Wayne27uk


    5 months ago

    Why has my player suddenly turned into the BLIP player??

  • whatnow165


    1 year ago

    i dare roosterteeth to do a monster truck jam real life vses

  • JordanDavenp


    1 year ago

    Aww, I love Hatty McHaterson

  • Silvador


    1 year ago

    And now begins the long reign of Ray: Lord of Games.

  • RebelTvshka


    1 year ago

    "Oh, were you trying?" I choked on my drink I laughed so hard.

  • BigJ_McNasty


    1 year ago

    Gavin should have just stayed back and used his magic. Ray did more damage per hit so trying to fight up close was a bad move.

  • BigJ_McNasty


    1 year ago

    the minecraft sword has been broken for months Koveras. I've commented about that multiple times now.

  • noobking87


    1 year ago

    When the colorblind man (me) can keep track of what's goin' on, I don't see how Gavin or Geoff can't, can't they're professional gamers!

  • Knifemom


    1 year ago

    I really want to see Ray playing Tetris.

  • EricPelletie


    1 year ago

    Check out soccer physics that could be a funny versus