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24 year-old male from Kittanning, PA
also at Penn State Behrend near Erie, PA

Feel free to respond or add me as a friend.
I'm usually a nice guy.

if you have a problem, request, ect. just tell me and i'll do my best to help with anything.
Feel free to use any images on my profile, i don't really mind (most i find on the internet or are very easy to make, if you have the same image, i make a point to not use the images i find on other peoples profiles, so it's likely a coincidence)
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Diablo 3 Open Beta WeekendTried it out today. I had fun. Definitely like some of the improvements made since Diablo 2
-personal loot per player. no more other players stealing your loot.
-smaller items. Items in the game seem to be smaller now. You can hold a lot more now.
-Stacking potions. No more inventory clutter of potions
-Town portal is an ability, not an item. No more wasting early money on it
-no more need for spending money to identify items. You do it yourself. Granted, this removes a former use of Deckard Cain. He appears again by the way.

Skill system works a bit different now, and I admit missing the skill trees... but it has a lot of potential for making unique characters still.
Free beta only lasts for the weekend though...
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Name Kevin
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Birthday July 11th, 1990
Interests Video Games Red vs Blue Comedy Family Guy Futurama Cartoons Anime (only so much I'm able to see) tabletop rpgs (only played a few and only recently)
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