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dark54555 Site Admin
Gaming MomentsThis thread is for any and all "gaming moments." Funny, scary, unforgettable, whatever. Don't make any other threads of this nature.
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

Let's start off with most awesome/memorable, shall we?

I still must say I get giddy over stealing a Ghost from an Elite and then boosting him into the ground. It's priceless. (for everything else, there's MasterChief)

Anybody else?
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

i have play halo, but still cant play to save my own life, but i remember playing in a small arena with missile lunchers, and being invisable, bodies flying everywhere really fun

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monopoly_j SavedByGrace
In reply to dark54555, #1:

When the The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time came out I bought it and sat down and played it for 12 hours straight

no food or anything

it is a fond moment
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I think my favorite moment is when I used to be really good at Mario Kart 64. Like REALLY good. We were playing Yoshi's Valley, and I finished in about 2 minutes, one of my friends had knocked me off a cliff with a shell. The three other people I was playing with were still on the second lap. I went upstairs, made myself a sandwich, got a bag of chips, and came back down. They still hadn't finished. Fucking awesome.
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In reply to invaderrizz, #5:

It would be when I played all the Starfox games and beat them all in 3 days. (Starfox Adventures is a long ass RPG)
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I will never forget this moment.
The Game: Half-Life: Opposing Force
The Story:
I opened the sewer top and dropped down. I activated my NVGs (night vision goggles) and saw three of the monsters coming right at me. I kept my cool and released a hail of MP5 rounds into each of their skulls and watched them fall to the ground. I was slightly unnerved by the suddenness of this first encounter, but I continued on. After walking for what seemed like an eternity I turned a corner and came across a giant beetle the size of a mini-van. Without thinking I switched to my rocket launcher and fire two missiles directly at the beasts head. The resulting explosion hurt me slightly but did much more to the beetle who was now no more than a carcass. I felt rather accomplished and continued forward. After a short distance I came across 3 more of these giant beetles, who now decided to spew acid at me, and I decided to once again use my rocket launcher. After dodging two balls of acid I launched two missiles at one beetle and launched two more at another. Now I was out of missiles. I switched over to my HMG and aimed at the creatures head, the room became vibrant and colorful with the muzzle flash from the gun as I proceeded to fire 50 bullets into the creatures skull. After this encounter I decided to save my HMG for more situations such as this and switched over to my MP5. As I continued down the tunnel I continuously heard small chirps and scrapes like those of a cockroach, and I found out why when several tiny beetles similar to the bigger ones from earlier (only miniaturized) came out of a crack in the wall and launched acid at me. I panicked and launched 3 grenades at them before I turned to run. I did not go back until I heard the satisfying sound of 3 explosions and the little squeals of death. But now I was out of grenades. I continued forward and entered a room filled with eggs and water, I did not understand this completely so I continued to walk through the room when all the eggs began to hatch and little beetles came bubbling out of them. I began to run for the exit shooting as I went until I was out of MP5 rounds. I switched to my glock and continued to fire sporadically at the horde of tiny acid spewing beetles. When I left the room the beeltes continued to follow me so I switched to my HMG. I let loose several boosts into the group of bugs and then switched back to the glock in order to finish off what was left of them. At this point I was on an adrenaline high and couldn’t calm myself down. Suddenly 4 alien monsters came hurtling down the hallway straight for me, I fired my remaining glock rounds before switching to the HMG and annihilating them with a torrent of .50 cal bullets from the gun. Sadly though I now had only 15 bullets left for the gun, I was concerned at this moment and switched to my last hope, the desert eagle. I continued on through the unholy darkness and came across more alien monsters, they chased after me as I sprinted down the tunnel firing back at them randomly until the gun was completely empty. But there was salvation to be had, in front of me was a pillar of light piercing the darkness, I switched to the HMG and walked into the light hoping to get a better look at the room I was in. But now I noticed that my NVGs were about to shut off from lack of battery power, needless to say I was worried as the NVGs turned off and darkness filled my computer screen. Noises filled the room and I heard the distinct sound of metal on metal, but suddenly I heard “sir? Is that you?” I looked up to see 3 marines standing above me and watched as they opened the metal grating and lowered a ladder down to me. I was never so happy to climb up a ladder in my life, and the nightmarish sewer level was over.
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well there's turning on my xbox and seeing halo 2 pop up on my screen...but since halo is overused...

Playing counter strike on pool_day for 26 hours non stop with my friends. Good times.
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In reply to splicedpunk, #8:

I was playing Day of Defeat on....hell I forgot the map....a machine gunner on the allies team, my friend, a rifle man named [I AM]RedRaven, defended a bunker for over 3 hours without dieing once. aftermath kills counted 562 for me and 469 for RedRaven. We had one hell of a fun time and had recived many invites into topranked clans. too bad I don't have internet accsess at home or I would have been gunning with the pros.
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In reply to Fallout10, #9:

saddest:Death of Aeris(FFVII)
funniest:seeing a n00b scream while bbeing shot(Halo 2)
scariest: Doom 3, all of it
proudest:9 kill killamanjaro
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

Well, lets see:

There was the one time on Halo 2 where, it was zombie, foundation, and a full room. Me and a friend were the last alive, and it was so freaking fun to be in the back of a room with shotguns, blowing the crap out of countless zombies as they partially lunge at me, then beating down the rest after I run out of ammo...

Then the time on a matchmaking game where it was Multi-Flag CTF on Colossus and our flag got all the way to their base when my teammate sniped the flag carrrier. I grabbed a shotty and went over to defend it, and fortified it for the time needed for it to return, all while 5 feet from the red flag, with no sniper ammo.

And you can't forget when it was a Major Clanmatch at Headlong, Assault, and the first round they scored, and my teammates dropped out, all except me. I actually grabbed the bomb, invisibility, and snuck in there and planted it, unscathed. The next round, they rushed in, one by one, leaving about one second between the last guy I killed, and, somehow, I survived the 5 minutes. I didn't score in the last round, though...
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Strange: when I got firewoks on Tetris for a High score. Had no idea anything like that was in there.
Scary: Thief in "The Cradle" up in my grandparents attic playing just as a huge thunder clap rips through and a long dead zombie jumps up in my face.
Wierd: Falling through the map of a game.
Wierdest: falling through the map in Morrowind at the begining of the game and reappearing next to Daguth Ur.
Call me Crazy: I swear I thought I heard a grunt in Halo say that "its mother could woop me". Never found anybody else who heard it.
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My first gaming moment was playing Doom on my friends comp. I got scared shitless...i knew that i was hooked after that.
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Exile650 Unexisting
I still remember the first time I ever played Halo. I can still remember the first time I was ever in Blood Gulch. It was so big, I actually got lost. What sucked was that all my friends were sniper and I couldn't walk two step in the Gulch without getting a slug in my face.
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one word

Stand By

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In reply to dark54555, #1:

mines in mgs the twin snakes when the ninja slices those bastards n the halls and sorry for all the grammer errors
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

seigfried from soul edge winning the swords thinking he was about to avenge his father and save his country when he suddenly starts to be absorbed by the soul edge, eveloping his soul making him ravage and pillage his own homeland killing and murdering everyone in his path.......thats ironic wanting to do something helpful and getting vengnace and then being absorbed and becoming apart of the evil which he was fighting
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DiMono Site Admin
I was playing Diablo II with my only really good character. Had the Buriza, this kickass pair of boots, the set Death Mask whatever the hell it was... this chick was tripped out. My brother came over, who hadn't seen the LoD expansion, and I decided to show it to him.

So I fire up my hardcore amazon, and I decide to show him the craptacular glory that is act 5. Then I decide to show him the Ancients. I make for the level 2 waypoint and start running my way up, confident in the monsters' inability to kill me what with my level being so high and my equipment being so slick, when all of a sudden, not three seconds after I enter the level, two of those exploding fuckers blow up next to me and I die. It suddenly dawns on me that I hadn't created a Normal difficulty game like I'd meant to, but a Hell difficulty game, where things will actually do damage to me.

My favourite hardcore amazon, gone in an instant because I fucked up. Ah well, you just move on.
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

I'll use a recent Halo moment for this. My friend and I were playing, started a Zanibar 4v4 1 flag CTF game. We started as offense. Within 10 seconds, our two teammates drop out. We managed to score BOTH times still though. Almost as much fun as winning an earlier game, on Midship, classic two flag CTF. 2v4. We won 3 nothing.
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In reply to dark54555, #1:
When we had an Xbox Live trial at my mate's house, we caned the opportunity to play. My most memorable game would have to be a Rumble Training match played on Ascension. I started off very poorly, the leader was around ten frags in front and I just kept getting owned! It didn't help I was being dissed by buddies in the background but I was pissed off, so I decided to lift my game and make a come back! Time, however, was against me and I had to move quickly. I managad to claw up to the leader's score of 22 and with only five seconds to go, he was starting to kill someone else! I needed another kill to at least tie...


I just ended up stealing his kill and winning. Fuck, that felt good. Click here for purged (BAH) stats. Obviously, I was Lubra.
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Me, my brother, and my friend were playing mashed on the Polar wharf level (very long straight icy roads) Both of them crashed early on, and using the airstrike both targeted me at once, so 2 missiles came hurling my way. I dont know how, but I managed to outrun the missiles, they were about a foot behind my car the whole way.

Other times playing that game, is when someone airstrikes you, but you go in front of another car just before it hits you, resulting in the other car getting blown to pieces. Great fun.
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Let's see...

On FFXI Bahamut Server I went from lvl 19drg to a lvl 25drg in 3 days. Then there was getting my cooking skill from 12.something up to 29 in almost 2-3 days. (Neither one of those accomplishments happened in the same time period)
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

My unforgetable moment has to be destroying my two buddies in a Halo rocket match with my right hand on the right of the controller, my left hand holding a sandwich, and the left thumbstick against my knee so I could move for the whole match.
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In reply to dark54555, #1:
Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
Mode: Slayer
# of players:2
Level: Blood Gulch

I Only know one other person that owns an Xbox where I live, so we decided to go head to head system link for the first time after he got the cable. Playing BC, we had a really close game going (I can't remember the score), and I was camped out on Red Base with a snipers rifle panning the area for movement. I saw Tonie pop his head up over a hill and planted one right into his visor. He also just happened to eat my last round, respawn right behind the base, and was on his way up for a little revenge.
I jumped down and made a bee-line for Blue Base, taking a quick second to pick up the Rocket Launcher in the middle of the map. At this time, Tonie has reached the top of R.B., and has acquired the freshly respawned, reloaded sniper rifle. From here on in, everything takes place within about 2 seconds. Hes on top of the base, and has hit me with one round from the rifle, killing my shields. Out of pure instinct, I turned and loosed a rocket in a general vicinity of where I thought he was. No sooner had the rocket left the SPNKr's tube, another 14.5mm round tore through my head. The rocket is on the way. I looked in his screen wondering to myself "What the hell happened to the rocket?", when instanly I saw a brief grey streak appear in the corner of his screen accompanied by a big yellow flash. A 102mm shaped charge slammed into the wall in front of him, and the splash damage was enough to hurl his now mangled corpse to the cold ground below, and net me the winning point. The last thing he said to me was "Where the hell did that come from?" We spent the next 20 minutes laughing our asses off.
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In reply to UNSCMC117, #25:
Playing BC...

I meant B.G.
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In reply to UNSCMC117, #26:

Well I remember when I was playing a Custom Game on Halo 2. The map was headlong, 6-6, and we were in the heat of the battle, the other team had a plan of keeping all of their guys in a group so they got up to a point when the score was 19 to 33. I started hiding, so all my team did too. Naturally the other team got lazy and decided to have a party were the sword respawns. Well I grabbed a rocket laucher while one of my more "spirted" teamates decided to single handly take them on with an SMG. His exact words were "I got um guys". PHOOM, rocket through the windom, "KILLTACULLAR", My words: "No I got um". The following was the sound of the 2 remaining guys getting killed as the SMG guy shot them. There was cursing and laughing after that. Trust me, this was all real.
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I was playing a ctf game in descent 3. I flew toward the enemy base and ended up in a massive firefight there. I popped off a few shots with the mass driver (sniper rifle) and launched a few missiles. Then I went for the flag. Unfortunately, someone was waiting for that. I died, but my flaming wreckage still had the momentum to propell me towards the base.

In descent 3, there's an interesting effect in that whenever you die, your ship explodes, causing some damage to all nearby enemies.

Three enemies flew into range at that exact moment.



Liquid Fire has killed _____
Liquid Fire has killed _____
Liquid Fire has killed _____

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pyroman ObamaIsHope
One of the sweetest moments ever was when I bred a black chocobo to a blue chocobo, and gave birth to a Gold Chocobo. I nearly cried. It was a hundred hours of effort, and finally the Knights of the Round Summon could be mine. Oh, it was a happy, happy day.
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In reply to pyroman, #29:

I want that, but I really dont have the patience to do all that damn breeding. I have the game just before I go into the final cave, and want to do everything else before I go in, but I havent played it since lol.
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One of my favorite moments is about 5 months ago i did not own a Xbox but one of my friend did. So we went to his house a started playing Halo 2 there were 4 of us Eddie, Sam, Micah, and Me of us and Micah (the one who had brought the Xbox) was really good and im not lying. well after a while of playing Micah was up 26 to 5 kills but he had zero kills on me. (I was finding all the good weapons) Well Eddie got mad at me and told me to start fighting. They were trying to make a plan where one gets in the ghost and the other gives support with the Banshee (Micah had the Tank) they sucked and always got shot down they never even used the tank. So finally after getting sick of watching this masacare I decided i will sttep in (everyone fears me in shooting multiplayers but i didn't own an Xbox so on Gamecube multiplayers) Well i ran up to the Tank threw a gernade in there and ran like hell. This being my first time playing Halo 2 i almost crapped my pants with laughter. Well i got in the new adjecent Tank and started killing Micah. We made a pact to team up on him. Well the scroe eventually was 27-29 for him yay. but then they all decided to gang up on me. Bad idea after a while of bloodshed the score for me was 76-41 i was so happy. This included me being ganged up on by two tanks. They each got on two sides of a base and started firing. I don't know how i did it but i got out and captured one of their tanks i do not know this all happened in coagulation i made Eddie throw his controller at the TV I bought an Xbox the next day and I am now on Micah's Halo team.
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