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Who liked the PS3 controller?Personally, I think it an ugly looking controller. Comfort, well I guess i'll have to find out later on. But I hope they change the look of the controller because it's just, ugly. Now the console on the other hand, now thats beautiful. But since it's still not going to be out any time...
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where was the strangest place youve found you controller?....mine was in my suit jacket once.
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its ok
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omg kingdom hearts 3 who is exicted
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The Playstation controller is amazing, ever since the very first one came out they've awesome. The only change was adding the analog sticks on later.
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I thought that the controler was ok But I didn't like it when you had to move the controler to move your character in Lair. Which was not really a good game.
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I got the Dualshock 3 with my MGS4 PS3 and i'm really enjoying it, its a great controller, and although the triggers are a little weird, I think its pretty sweet.
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the_Craig Sponsor
How can people like the controller? I liked it when i was a little kid with tiny hands but now it just seems way to small and i don't have large hands. The analog sticks are in such an ackward location to use too. I really hope they change it for ps4.
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The PS3 controller isn't the best looking thing out there, but in my personal opinion it's better than that of the Xbox 360. At least on ours, the analog sticks are in logical locations.
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its worked for 3 generations. dont mess with it.

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Just to be honest, I think the PS3 controller is better than the Xbox controller. Its that the analog sticks are closer together and the trigger buttons are a lot more sensitive to me. It's lighter and looks better than the Xbox controller. Even though I'm Xbox a lot more than PS3, I still love the PS3 controllers. The only thing I like about the Xbox controller is that it has a fancy guide button.
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I like the PS3 controller and it's been doing well for four generations (there was the original, without the analog sticks). Even though most of the ideas for the original dualshock was taken from some of Nintendo's controllers, I'd like to think that is was PlayStation who set the norm and standard for the controllers because most Microsoft and the ugly looking GameCube controller has adopted some of the aspects of the controller.

But I really do like the feel of the 360's controller. How it fills up your palms and the right analog stick makes sense but I'm comfortable either way but the buttons and the directional pad are a bit wonky, imo.

A blog about the PS3 Controller
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In reply to m0nkeyman, #183:

the kingdom hearts games were amazing and still are amazing!! but they haven't actually said that they are going to make a ps3 game yet. :/ i wish they would hurry up! it would be great to play it again!
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personally i like holding the ps3 controller better than the xbox 360 one because it goes in your hand better. people say its too small. get a bigger grip, whereas you cant make a xbox 360 controller smaller. the buttons are original, not Nintendo copys. (A,B,X,Y).
and if you drop the xbox controller less than a foot it disconnects. i dropped my ps3 controller 2 meters and it was still working.
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axeman S T O M P
In reply to the_Craig, #187:
In reply to Boeing521, #188:
In reply to bsilver, #189:
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In reply to kelevra16, #191:
In reply to obiwanjezz, #192:

This thread was in response to the PS3's original "Silver Banana" controller.

Don't want to be a jerk, but this thread's been dead for a reason.
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I have been using PlayStation controllers all my life so i pretty much have indents in my hands where the bottom handles are. I am just so used to them so its hard to understand why people dislike them.
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I've been playing the playstation for so long that anytime I play a xbox then their controllers feel weird to me. I like the ps3 controller, they've kept the design of it mostly similar to the way it's always been. I also hate the xbox for calling its shoulder buttons bumpers and triggers respectively. I've always enjoyed the button layout of the playstation.
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My personal and opinionated take on the whole Xbox 360 vs. PS3 controllers goes as follows:

Xbox 360 Controller

-Better analog sticks, both grip-wise and location-wise. Especially the latest version with the upgraded D-Pad, the analog stick is absolutely perfect.

-Better trigger buttons.

-Wired version is compatible with a vast number of current and older PC games with very quick installation.

-The sync system to other X360 consoles is pretty quick and easy.

-XBL headsets >>>> PS3 bluetooth headsets


-The wired controllers are AA battery operated by default. the Play N Charge system is usually required to be purchased separately (and is quite pricey)

-Every controller prior to the latest version of it (with the upgraded D-Pad) can have the ribbing of the analog stick worn out, depending on the amount or way of usage.

-Very very difficult (if not, impossible) to re-assign different controllers to different order (IE. Player/controller 1, Player/controller 2, etc.)

-D-pad (especially the pre-upgraded D-Pad version of the controller) is pretty poor and inaccurate as pressing two different directions by accident at the same time is fairly common. Very terrible for fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken.

Playstation 3 controller


-Very light. Uses bluetooth technology and is pretty easy to sync

-Uses a universal cable that can be bought anywhere. Many other devices (such as Blackberries) use the same cable.

-Very easy to re-assign the controller wirelessly to a different slot (IE. From Player/controller 1 to Player/controller 2)

-D-Pad is overall superior to the X360's.

-More color variety and choices


-Trigger buttons are inferior to both the X360's, AND the Playstation 2! Should have kept the original PS2 controller design in terms of the L2/R2 buttons. Very easy to for fingers to slip past pressing it.

-Analog sticks are too close to each other. Both thumbs may collide with each other at some points depending on how the player wields the controller.

-The grip and rubber of both the D-Pad and (especially) the analog sticks can wear off.

-Configuring a PS3 controller for use on a PC is pretty complicated and not at all automatic. Overall compatibility and recognition to the PC is poor.

-PS3 bluetooth headsets <<<<< XBL headsets

X360 + PS3 Neutral Zone:

-X360 shoulder buttons and the L1/R1 of the PS3 are both pretty okay to me. Some may argue that the PS3's are generally superior, but to me, both are just fine. My vote is that the PS3's are slightly better, but in a very tiny marginal victory.

-Likewise, X360's XABY and the PS3's Square/X/Circle/Triangle buttons are both pretty okay to me as well. Definitely a complete stalemate for me in this category.


Remember, this is all just my personal and descriptive opinions regarding the controller battle. Both definitely have their pros and cons. I own both consoles and love them both dearly so I have no bias over any of the two! :)
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I'm just glad that they didnt use those ugly boomerang controllers I first saw like years ago. I love the way the controllers are.
I just dislike only my PS3 can use em ):
I did try using it for Battlefield on PC...I don't recommend it
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I've been a fan of the controller since the original. The only issue I have with the controller is the L2/R2 buttons are curved backwards, unlike the 360 controller which have a lip on them. They even decided to sell trigger covers because they knew they fucked that part of the design up.
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I've always been a fan of Playstation controllers. Fit snuggly into my hand
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In reply to johnyg14nb, #200:

I second that, for me when I hold any other controller it just feels wrong for me, PS controller just feels Right.
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julian27 Sponsor
Like most people before me I just want to say this is my personal opinion, Now since that s out of the way I think placement of the analog sticks is perfect and the overall design is tried and proven for three gens now
I specifically like that in most fps i can use both analog sticks and keep one finger on the button and d-pad and on the bumpers and triggers (r1/l1 and r2/l2) all at the same time leaving only my pinky free which is fine but on the 360 I can't keep my fingers on each of the left bumper and trigger (at the same time) because the left stick is where I'm used to having the d-pad
It has a natural feel to the grips of the controller and they just last forever when fully charged, for instance on a six or seven hour binge of straight C.O.D, GT5 and DCUO the control was still good for another hour or two the next day without overnight charge
Also I forgot which company makes it but there is a universal gamepad for US$100 that has the design of the ps controller but you move the left analog stick to where the d-pad is and vice-versa it was featured in an issue on gameinformer hope this helps
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