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Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerWe all know that Wind Waker was awsome to some and crappy to others. What's your take on the Wind Waker? MisterBubble put up this forum for people who like to talk about the WW in the Twilight Princess forum.
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That's kinda cool. It's a shame I think, that most of the people I knew who were into Zelda never played Wind Waker since they never had a gamecube, so it was only ocarina and twilight princess that they talked about. I wonder what happened to the wii control thing, they should rerelease WW for it.
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In reply to Samx, #1981:

I think all of my friends had GameCube's, but wouldn't play WW out of some principle. It was different so they didn't like it.
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In reply to Samx, #1981:

Well that's kinda the reason I'm not going to play the new one. I don't have a Wii
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I'm sure I'll give the new Zelda a chance, I think Miyamoto only really made TP so similar to Ocarina was because the fans were demanding it. Hopefully this one will be fresh.

In reply to nordfjern, #1983:

Now's a good time to pick one up (if you have the money). They aren't as in demand as they used to be (I remember my dad getting one of the last ones available in the county); and non Mario related games should be cheap due to being looked over by the casual crowd.
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In reply to nordfjern, #1983:

That was more of problem for me when the new Soul Calibur's came out. I never had a PS2 or PS3 till now, so at the time, I couldn't play the new ones, so it was a bummer. Anyway...

In reply to Samx, #1984:

I think the TP aesthetic was also chosen due to the theme. Twilight Princess. The visual aesthetic reflected upon the twilight part of that title. Everything looked like it had a light bulb in it. The new Zelda game has to do with guess? Anyway, I imagine the vast array of colors is due to the fact that ....wait...I don't remember which way it went, but it was either that the sky reflects the colors on earth or the other way around. Either way, there's a reason for the crazy colors, I think. There are even animals that have been so isolated from the outside world (been living in caves, basically all their existance) for so long that their skin has lost all pigment and they basically have no eyes due to living in the dark for long periods of time...

Wow....that was long and boring. Sorry guys and gals. >.>
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Would anyone else describe Wind Waker as timeless? The graphics will never look old because of its aesthetic. Unfortunately over time Ocarina and Majora have grown to look less pretty, and even Twilight Princess will fall to this demise (it already has in my opinion.)

So I think they did a really clever thing with their graphics choice in Wind Waker.
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In reply to GravityCube, #1986:

Clever? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that statement in relation to the timelessness one. Explain?
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In reply to MisterBubble, #1987:
My point is that Wind Waker will never look old or outdated because of its use of an aesthetic. Don't you think that a lot of the 8-bit NES games still look fine, because instead of trying to simulate real life they just flourished in the way of pixel art? Compare Ocarina to Wind Waker. Ocarina looks choppy, the graphics are blurry in certain rendering areas and the polygons are jagged. Don't get me wrong, Ocarina of Time is still the better game in my opinion because when it comes to gameplay, graphics aren't the most important aspect. It's just unfortunate that a game will look a lot less appealing to the eye after a number of years, and I find it amazing that Wind Waker avoids this by using the cell shaded style. Cartoons don't look like real life, so they manage to look appealing no matter how old they are. That's why Wind Waker's graphics are clever, because in a sense they will never age.
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In reply to GravityCube, #1988:

You know, you do have a point about that. I never even noticed until you pointed it out. Maybe it'd be legitimately better to take less stock in realistic graphics.
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In reply to GravityCube, #1988:

Hey, that is a good point about the cartoon style.
Though, I like the choppy pixels on the OoT as it adds to the nostalgia of playing the game, couldn't imagine it being the same with the cartoon effect. If you compare OoT and how it is presented to FFVII then I'd say OoT still is a 'good looking' game.
I understand what you mean by timeless but it sounds like an epic word for a game that was, in the Zelda series, okay.
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In reply to idolgaming, #1990:

I rather like the way OoT looked originally. It's fun to remember that it was like..break-through graphics for its time. And I believe it. I didn't really expect the floaty glowy things that are all around the Lost Forest. :3
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If only the newer generations of gamers shared our love for the old graphics of OoT...
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In reply to iCodester, #1992:

I do love the OoT graphics. It's a really nostalgic game for me, one of the first games I ever beat. Generations to come might not think it looks so nice though.
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In reply to GravityCube, #1993:

Maybe one day graphics won't be as big of a deal. I mean, we have to hit the epitome of realistic graphics at some point, right? Perhaps it's only a matter of time before people start to get less interested in realistic graphics and more interested in the contents of a game much like how people have their nostalgic moments with old games like Sonic 2. Heck, I got my boyfriend an N64 for his birthday that passed in October and he plays that more than he plays his PS2, now.

But, I probably make no sense. I just know that despite the large amount of people I know who wouldn't touch WW, I enjoyed it for all the pains and joys it provided for me. I'm not saying the padding of sailing around is the best mechanic, but is it any different than riding to far lands on Epona? (Man, I got off track. @_@)
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Sailing was probably the worst part about WW. But the map mechanic that came with it was quite fun (finding the fish to piece together the map).
Even the score for WW has GREAT songs (i.e. Farewell Hyrule King); some of which surpass OoT.

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In reply to MisterBubble, #1994:

Riding around on a pony beats a pedophile boat anyday.
'get inside me' he says, the peado
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In reply to idolgaming, #1996:

I meant to put a +1 Funny...oh well. I've never heard that point before. >.>
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Just beat the game for the second time, and I can honestly say that I think Ganondorf is a much deeper character in this game. Sure he's evil, and he wants to rule over hyrule, but this time he does it with finesse. He said he would originally let Link and Zelda live, which is a step up from old Ganondorf.
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For me, Wind Waker was a great addition to the franchise. I remember my friends saying that they refused to play it because the graphics were all "cartoony" but I doubt the game could have been the same or as visually entertaining. I think they were all looking forward to Twilight Princess graphics and were given a more cartooned Link. But I gotta say it again, they couldn't have done it any better with more realistic graphics. The way the water moved, the wind, the explosions, all were great in their own way. The people who were too stubborn to give this game a try missed out on something unique and special.
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In reply to d87jm, #1999:

Haha, yeah, I always enjoyed the stylization of the bomb smoke. It was really fun and it made me really happy when they carried that over into Smash Bros. Brawl.
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In reply to MisterBubble, #2000:

I know! Brawl was great! But I thought the mechanics were less smooth than the game cube version. I absolutely loved the cut scenes in brawl though. I digress... Wind Waker was Awesome.
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In reply to d87jm, #2001:

Yeah. It's been a long time since I've played Wind Waker. I should really play it again.
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This is my favourite Zelda game, mainly on the basis that I'm a sucker for darker storylines, hence Majora's Mask is my second favourite >_>
I just liked how they made it so that Hyrule was already doomed and destroyed, and how even after defeating Ganon, it had to be buried under the water. I also loved how they showed a more human side to Ganon at the end "I coveted that wind, I suppose...."
Maybe, in the end, he wasn't that much of a bad guy? After all, he was simply "bound to Hyrule" like the King.... Thinking that about Ganondorf always gives me the shivers, which is why I love WInd Waker's story.
Plus, the sailing was a breath of fresh air compared to horseriding or rolling around Hyrule Field. Each Island had something to offer.
The "cartoony" graphics were also pretty damn awesome. I couldn't help but laugh the first time Link was sent flying if he got hit by anything!
Only complaint, if any, was that it was too easy and a bit short. One more dungeon might've done it for me, I guess....
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Karl Roosterspeak
i loved wind waker because it was more of an open world and the fact that ganon showed a human side at the end it made me think that he wasn't that bad and the fact that i could go back into the "temple of time" i still play that game to this day because it felt more like a unique game than what was out of the gamecube and plus i got the special edition with ocarina of time and master quest so that made the game 10 times better
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The only thing that i HATED about this game; wasn't the sailing, wasn't the cel-shading. It was having to find those bloody triforce maps, and then scrap together enough rupees just so i could read it! Apart from that, one of my top Zelda games :)
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Haha, yeah. I guess that's the price of adventure. You need to go through ridiculous hoo-dilly obstacles to get to your final result. XD
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JasonHoare Alchemist
Well for me, Wind Waker is my favorite game of all time. It looks great, and as GravityCube said, it's growing older far more gracefully than OoT, MM and even TP. I think it also has the best combat system in the series. It took the great system from the N64 games and made it smoother, and thats something I don't feel the motion controls have been able to match.
The storyline is excellent too but the thing that makes it my favorite game ever is the music. I don't think there's been a Zelda game that's been more perfectly scored. Every song, in every area just nails the atmosphere. The Dragon Roost Island theme is a series high IMO.
Sorry for the length, but my love for WW could go on forever =)
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In reply to DarthNader88, #2007:

The music is totally fun. I love the music that plays when you go sailing. XD
#2,008  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Ditto
JasonHoare Alchemist
Ya, the sailing gets a lot of heat but I could just sail from the top of the map to the bottom, just for the music!
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And I kind of find the little island music, cute, too. The music on the windmill island place? Adorable. X3
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