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Zombies!!!Hey i was wondering if anyone here has heard/played Zombies!!! My friend Hozak and I have bought all of the extra stuff and play it every free weekend we have. Now that i have every single part of the game i just don't have enuff time to play it all i was wondering if anyone knews what the best ...
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yeah zombies is more fun with more people. It really doesn't work to well with any less than 3. Once we had an 8 player game which was nothing short of insane, but the ammount of beer we drank might have had something to do with it.
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Lol. Yeah, a little alcohol might have..."Enlightened" the moment.
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Its been over a year since I last played the game myself. I remember this was this one guy I would play it with on a semi regular basis. We got bored one day, so I actually made a map using all four sets from the original game and using Medieval to set up a regular city with a bridge out to the woods which took the players back in time ala Army of Darkness - it ended up being like an Zombie dnd game from hell lol. But it was cool.
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this game sounds interesting
is it available on vassal
I love zombies
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I've played. Not for years though. Anyone who likes this though might also like a game called Nightmare aka Atmosfear.

A friend of mine picked up an old version at a horror movie convention we went to a few years ago. Awesomely fun!
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I fell in love with zombies like a year or two ago, but i've only managed to get a game like here and there on rare occasions. has anyone ever picked up a way to get people to play along?

cos i'm really struggling.
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In reply to Guesty, #36:

I used to play all the time with my flatmates when I was at uni, but that was six years ago. All my zombies!!! stuff is doing now is gathering dust.

I found that beer helps to get people to play though
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In reply to Necrothrall, #37:

yeah, mines in my cupboard at the moment. i keep sweeping the dust off to try and convince myself that i will play it soon so i need to keep it nice, heh.

Beer! now that's an idea! The games last so long that's a lot of drinking. Thanks for the tip!
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In reply to Guesty, #38:

you can get some serious drinking done if you mix all the expansions together
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In reply to Necrothrall, #39:

that is a fantastic idea! i'm going to jump on that as soon as i get a chance!

i've herd you can apparently get a Zombies!!! app for the HTTC or windows phone or whatever, through the xbox integration, what do you reckon the chances for that just coming to xbox live are?
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In reply to Guesty, #40:

truth be told I have no idea what you just said, I really don't know about all this app carry one, I'm getting too old for techno jargon (I found a grey hair in my beard this morning and I'm only 26)

but if zombies!!! came out on xbox live I really don't think it'll be the same, you wouldn't really get the same level of treachery and backstabbing that you would in real life
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In reply to Necrothrall, #41:

Ha that's cool, basically you can play it on a certain phone.

but you make a really good point, the fun of zombies!!! isn't just the gameplay, but its also a lot to do with the player interaction. Good show sir!

by the way, i have been hounding my friends to round them up for a night of drinking and playing zombies as we speak
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I haven't played that game in about 5 years, I miss it so.
#43  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Ditto
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