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Who is your favorite author?Which author is your ultimate favorite writer, why, and what book(s) do you like by them?

Please recommend some good ones, I plan on doing some reading this summer.
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Laurell K. Hamilton, and her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. It's not so much the quality of her story telling, though I do like it, it's something deeper. It's urban fantasy/ dark fantasy. The main character Anita lives in a world much like our own, except the monsters are real and live life with us. She's an animator, raises the dead for a living, and also serves as the Executioner. Also her nickname, when the monsters go bad she's who they call.

The series has action, adventure, magic, humor, wit, violence, tension, guns, swearing, sexual under tones (more in the later books), and so much more. What I love the most is how Anita herself deals with life. While trying to save innocents she finds herself becoming more and more like the monsters she hunts down. What she is willing to do, and the price she's willing to pay is what makes her so human. She's a great example of a character who walks a thin line laid down by a famous quote...."Power corrupts..."
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Kurt Vonoghut (i probobly spelled that wrong) Not so much the stories that are told, but the way they are told

insted of telling you whats needed to know to tell a story, he tells storys by using 2 paragraph sections that eather A: move the plot along B: explains the last section or C: Explains what becomes of the events that will not have any relevence later in the sotry (or in the case of Cat's Cradle realy short chapters)

realy he has to be read to be understood ( I suggest Cat's Cradle)
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Jeanette Winterson, hands down. My favorite book of all time is "Written on the Body". Freakin' intense. If you like reading about love and relationships.

She's also written "The Passion", "Sexing The Cherry", and "Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit".
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Peter F. Hamilton.
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I don't have a favorite author, but there are authors who I've read a few books from. John Grisham, I've read all his books except the newest which I'm gonna start up soon. I've read all of Nicholas Sparks except for his 2 newest. I've read quite a few James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, some Dean Koontz, umm...yeeeah. I've read all of Dan Brown's books unless he's come out with a new one recently. Hmm. Yep. I'd have to go with John Grisham though, just cause his books are quick reads. Dan Brown is damn good author too.
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At the moment, I am reading Gary Zukav's "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters". It is a guide for understanding Physics...on a more personal level, to say the least. It is a very easy read.
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physics and easy in the same sentence hmm.

lol *anuerism*
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Okay, wait.. I take that back. The same post
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Tony Vigorito. He's only written one book and he's not very well known but he is by far the most captivating and thoughtful writer I've read. I recommend his book to any and everyone (watch out for some liberal views. I've yet to meet any republicans that have read his stuff, but that doesn't mean they won't like it. I just dont know.
I also like Douglas Adams immensely.
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Turns out I'm prone to Liberal views myself. My favorite author is Noam Chomsky, and he's usually too intellectual for most people to fully understand. What book has Tony Vigorito written?
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Just A Couple of Days. I couldn't find it in my bookstore, but they ordered it from a local one. You can get it off of Amazon as well.
His website is Clever title, I know.
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In reply to TheGuru42, #12:

Alright, thanks a lot. What's it about?
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It's really hard to describe. At first, it's really about nothing until around page 80-ish. In the beginning it's about a graffiti message that appears on an overpass bridge thing. The entire wall is painted black, except the person painted, "Just a couple of days." across it. Well, that's not the first thing they paint, but it leads to that.
Another reason I love Vigorito is that you can read the first.... ready for this... 147 pages of his book on his website. That's definately enough to get a taste of his writing style. The book is only 348 pages I believe? It's in the 340's. So you can enjoy a vast ratio of his book there. It's under the section that says, "excerpts." Never woyld've thought of looking there, huh?
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In reply to redkixass, #8: the first few paragraphs, Zukav puts the "myths" about physics to bed. Yes, it does have ALOT of math, but without math...physics is just a fevered dream.

Another good author is Richard Matheson. He wrote "I Am Legend", which is a great vampire novel.
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heh. physics is okay from what i've heard from my friends in the class...i'm very good at math but i get so damn sick of it sometimes
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*gasp...gasp...gasp* TANITH LEE!!!!

She is primarily a fantasy author, (British), who has written some of the most intricate, beautiful and complex novels I have ever read. Her prose is more like poetry, her characters profound and her plot is delightful. She's won the World Fantasy award, the August Derleth award, and any number of smaller fantasy awards. She's written over 40 novels and numerous short stories, and has been a best-selling author for years.

Her Tales from the Flat Earth are absolutely wonderful. The characters and storylines have great depth, and the world she describes is fascinating. *purrs* These books are set on our earth, but before it became round. This means a lot of things are different, and magic is part of everyday life. Azhrarn, Night's Master, is the main protaganist/antagonist (he switches roles) and his character shifts and changes with the events. He's the best.

I'd recommend just about anything of hers, but her Blood Opera series, Tales from the Flat Earth, The Secret Books of Paradys and The Secret Books of Venus are all absolutely absorbing.
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In reply to Gaunter, #15:

Ugh. That book made me want to scratch my eyes out after poking them with a fiery stick just to be able to stop reading it! It was hand's down the worst vampire book I've ever read - and I suffered through Anne Rice! In fact, I've tried to read quite a bit of Matheson and while I'll admit that his stories translate incredibly well to the screen, they are nothing short of painful to attempt to read.
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My absolute favorite author is Neil Gaiman. He can be anything from funny to horrific but he will always make you think. He's typically shelved with the sci-fi/fantasy authors, but he's not. Sure, there are elements of the genre in most of his books, but they can't be lumped and labeled like that. He's written American Gods, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere... among others.
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In reply to Prittykitty1, #18:

Some of his works, I must agree, are a bit...dreadful. Hell House was the first book I read of his, and I thought it was quite good for the time it was written (the 1950's I believe). I Am Legend, in my opinion, was his best work because it was the first REAL in-depth vampire novel since Dracula.
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nightwolf12 TitleWanted
Tom Clancy and Matthew Reilly
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nightwolf12 TitleWanted
They're interesting, fast paced and you never know what's coming next from their imaginative minds.
I have read Hunt For The Red October, Teeth Of The Tiger and I am now reading Rainbow Six. (Tom Clancy Novels)
I have read Ice Station and Hell Island by Matthew Reilly.
Sorry for Double Posting.
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In reply to nightwolf12, #22:

Indeed- Matthew Reilly is a talented author. He's my favourite author!

I believe "Scarecrow" (the novel, not the character) is probably his greatest work in terms of action. In terms of plot, I'm undecided between that and Area 7.

Great reads for anyone who loves a good nuclear explosion. And killer animals. Seriously - Matthew must hate animals. I mean, Ice Station and the whales, Temple and the Crocodiles, Area 7 and the Komodo Dragons (don't forget the bears!), Scarecrow and the sharks... people who like animals should probably not read his novels.
#23  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Dante Alighieri
#24  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Seventh_Sun, #24:

Oh, of the best poets ever.
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yeah, but dante is not easy to read. Anne Rice has written the best depictions of vampires. I haven't read the other vampire authors, but her fame basically proves her quality even though my conclusion is a logical fallacy.
#26  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to j0zefkonrad, #26:

Fame proves nothing.

Her storylines are good, but she is in desperate need of a good copy-editor. Her lack of proper grammar/punctuation is so distracting she's impossible to actually read.
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I don't really have a favourite author, since I enjoyed most, if not all, the books I've read.

To name a few good ones though:

Scott R. Bakker - Prince of Nothing trilogy. This guy was a philosophy major and it shows through his work. If you ever took philosophy courses and enjoyed them, you'll like his style.

Storm Constantine - I found her when I read the The Magravandias Chronicles. Her work flows.

Sharon Green - She's not a great literary writer, as most of her stuff is like a cheesy sitcom set in a fantasy dimension, but her work is relaxing to read.

J.R.R. Tolkien - Will always be a favourite. He was into his stories so much that he created languages for the world he created... he deserves to be everyone's favourite.

J.K. Rowling - I don't know how she does it, but she manages to have a large population reading her books. It's the way she writes... for some reason it's as if she's cast a spell into her works to make them difficult for the readers to put down.

Those are just a few I've liked. Generally I just like books for book though, I don't pay much attention to the author unless they have actually been extrodinarily original in their style.

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Brian Lumley - The Necroscope series. I love these books. The main character speaks with the dead and is in an organization of psionics. He hunts down vampires, even becoming "infectected" himself later in the series. There are quite a few books in the series and even I haven't read them all yet. On occasion he gets a little long-winded in a couple of them, but then it's right back into the action and you can't put it down.

Bentley Little - Strange horror. These are good for quick, interesting reads. He takes a fresh, unique look at horror through unlikely situations.

Dean Koontz - The obvious. I like horror, therefore I like him.

Stephen King - See above.

Piers Anthony - I've been a huge fan of Piers Anthony since I was a young child. I've read nearly all of his stuff. My faves are the Incarnations series and the Xanth series.

I have lots of other favorites: Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey back in the day, Orson Scott Card, etc.
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TownIdiot Sponsor
Clancy and Griffin
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