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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World:D Namco is popping out another one this time for the wii ^O^

I'm stoked for this game as frankly, the first one rocked so hard my socks are all the way in Japan thanking Namco right now xD

Anyways, this is a sequel and it was let known of on July 20th but hasn't gotten much hype until just...
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Two words: RADIANT ROAR!!!
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I just finished this one up tonight after obtaining my copy at least a 2 years after it was originally released. Got to tell you though the PAL version is extremely rare and that means expensive too.

I really liked it and the fact it had the original characters interacting with each other as if they never split up in the first place (obviously once the re-intros were over) never gets old as they were hilarious before too. I really liked the monster element to the game as the monsters level up a lot faster than your 2 main characters and some also have more attack power and health way before the mains do. Plus you can obtain the spell books for monsters to learn which was cool as I always needed more healers since Marta wasn't as good as Raine with her Revitalize.
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