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lack of mics on psnis it me or is there a serious lack of mics on psn like i get in a warhawk or metal gear game and maybe 2 other guys have them at most any chatty folks out there that have psn wanna add me and play mgo or warhawk
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ohh god yes the xbox community is so awful I was playing Reach talking to a friend and this dude from another party just yells shut the F&*(& up over and over
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I'd definitely like to see more people with mics playing Section 8. It would really help with the coordination of the squads around the map in each match. Send me a friend request if you want to play some Section 8 sometime. The same goes for Split/Second, every time I find someone else who has a mic they turn out to be French.
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Silencer420 Sponsor
In reply to GodzillaRcks, #60:
...... Does anyone kno if its true or ot that people are nicer on playstation then x-box?

from what I've notices (not owning a 360, just playing Halo at my friend's house) that there are a lot more "adults" on PSN. Seems to me, that there are lot more kids on Live. But as for nicer people? i'm not sure, there are alot of douche bags in both age groups
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In reply to Silencer420, #63:

So far I haven't encountered anyone using a mic that's been mouthing off profusely yet. Then again, I don't have any of the newer games.
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I have a mic for my ps3 and use it on occasion. My problem is two things.. 1. guys who realize that I am an actual girl not just have a girls name and play a girl as my character and then proceed to bad mouth me. 2. immature assholes who think just cause I'm better at the game they have to try and sabotage me so I fail and they feel better about themselves. Most people I have nothing to say to so I have my mic on but I will have it muted.
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In reply to xetniesgurlx, #27:
I'd love to talk more online, but like everyone said already, you get the 13 year-old boys and, in my case, I get the stupid questions about if I'm really a girl, and so forth. I got a mic that works okay, its a usb connecting one, but it picks up everything and it says I talk when I'm not (I'm not a heavy breather either). Lately I've been on the LBP craze, and no one has a mic on there.

I feel your pain with the questions. My mic pics up just about everything. And is also the headset to my cell phone.

In reply to Sarge1445, #28:
i do u should add me ive been up for lbp just no one to ever play it with its jsut me and my friends ness

You can both add me for lbp
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It does seem to be like there is a lack of mica which I hate when play games where strategy is needed. I also have noticed the PSN has more mature people than live, reason I believe that is because I think there is a younger audience on live. On the other hand I think that's because there is more mica on live, and once in a while you'll find a good group of people to play with which is nice and fun.
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oIn reply to lshoqunl, #67:

play mw2 on xbl nothing but s talking play mag on ps3 nothing but strat. Xbox has more of the frat boy its the internet so I can be a jerk crowd
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This is one of the many reasons that I sold my PS3, the community on Xbox Live may be full of a bunch of retarded 12 year old kids, but at least they have mics.
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ajs113 Sponsor
the problem i find with the mics are that they have a battery life of 2 or 3 hours if your lucky and you cant use them when they are charging :(
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well now the ps3 has mics like the 360, i saw them at best buy. i hope it brings more mics to the console but not as much assholes
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I dont like talking to people anyway unless they are in my party or somthing cause if not they tend to be aholes that i mute anyway. And you can use blutooth for ps3 or go to best buy and buy a damn 20$ wired mic stop complaining.
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Mics are aplenty on the xbox. Most kids with mics(emphasis on kids) are stubborn assholes who think it's cool to swear. "fuck you like I fucked your mom!" Seriously? It's that intense to sit in a room with a controller and play a video game?
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Yea they should bundle mics with all the consoles and such, playing with people who can communicate makes the game a lot more fun.
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psn is a little more mature it seems but sometimes is too quiet for me
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In reply to GreenLogan, #75:

From my experience yesterday, that is so true with MW2. It was very quiet and veryyy serious. A lot of the immature people are on Black Ops right now (one of the reasons I don't put on my mic for that game because there tends to be a comment towards me sucking somebodies parts and more graphic details.)
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In reply to xetniesgurlx, #76:

or 12 year olds screaming
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Yeah I noticed that when I tried playing Dead Nation though part of that is they have it set so you have to turn on so you can use it in game (which is total BS...)
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its also bad on the ps3 when they set their mics to level 5
#79  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
I mute people anyway. Its hard to soundwhore with them complaining lol (jk i only soundwhore in Black ops cause its impossible not too)
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julian27 Sponsor
Both of the official headsets for the ps3 have superb voice quality and functionality, now as far as the online community is concerned it depends on what game your playing and what time your playing for instance from like 1700-2100 on whatever the newest COD is you always seem to find the most kids and d-bags who talk shit or act annoying
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So far the best community I found on PSN has been Singstar and thats because it really isnt multiplayer its just posting videos and comments haha Ive met a lot of cool people because they have seen my dumb videos
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I only really turn on my headset if I'm playing with friends. Either way, I barely play multiplayer without friends.
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I use a mic.. and yes there is but sometimes do you always want people to have mics???? I friend people that have mics that i don't mind talking to.
#84  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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