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The RoomAnyone else completely obsessed with this movie? It is possibly the best/worst movie I've ever seen. I've watched it 3 times in the past two weeks and look forward to watching it again. Quote lines, share your favorite scenes, or come up with theories as to who Tommy Wiseau truly is. I think he's actually an alien.

The Room
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So much so that the guys over at Rifftrax (formerly of MST3K) did it. If you never watched MST3K, feel free to ignore.

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In reply to NPA, #2:

That's pretty awesome. I might have to pick that up as well.
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I just watched it with 15 people from my dorm. That guy is a vampire. I love how they used the same sex scene twice. It is just great like when the mother says she has breast cancer I was laughing so hard during that conversation.
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In reply to Kingofgoons, #4:

I drop that breast cancer line all the time. I also love when Johnny becomes the role model to Denny, "Keep in mind...". I love how he says that
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dark54555 Site Admin
Room Related News:

The director/lead actor, Tommy Wiseau, has not taken too well to the growing mockery of the film, and accordingly has recently had reviews from Nostaliga Critic and Obscurus Lupa pulled for "infringement" citing some insane reasoning:
Well, the issue is not what a person is like to say about "The Room" negative or positive the issue is that "The Room" was temper. We are not review any critics review or tell them what to do however you can't just copy in this case some clips from "The Room" and paste or alter the original material it's just pure MISLEADING.

Why they or he did not contact us and ask us for usage of the clips; we would be happy to provide the best res of it as well as with an instruction.

How you will fill if someone will temper your original material?

Thank you for your E-Mail.

The reviews are clearly fair use, and the DMCA takedown used was an abuse of process (but that's beside the point).

For reference:
NC's review

TGWTG opted to respond like this rather than spend the money to fight the takedown. The Room's facebook page has been slammed by the TGWTG fans.
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Warpek Zabadoo
In reply to dark54555, #6:

I think Tommy Wiseau is more than just the lead actor and director... He was the writer and executive producer, too!

Favorite lines include:
"what are you a chicken? Cheep Cheep Cheep"
anytime he says "Oh hi, [enter person's name here]" (by the way, the compilation is from the Rifftrax version of the movie)
The flower shop scene is probably one of my favorites, followed closely by the whole drug deal thing with Denny
And I love how Johnny casually and randomly asks Mark how his sex life is at the coffee shop.

Also: Could they not find a rooftop anywhere? Really? Because that cityscape is clearly green-screened.
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He was on an episode of Tim and Eric's Awesome show as a guest director. It's pretty awesome to watch.
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They apparently made a point and click adventure of The Room. /
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I love this movie for it's delicious badness.
Sad NC's review was pulled, it was sooooo good.
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The entire film was on YoutTube for about a week up until yesterday. I managed to watch it twice before it was taken down for violating the nudity/sexual content terms. I'm surprised it lasted that long.

Needless to say I've become obsessed as well. I came across this the other day and could not stop laughing during the whole first half.
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Watched it last night, plus Troll 2. Definitely has some questions how the budget was $6 million estimated and the problem with little to no exposition or background of the characters. My favorite two quotes were, "You are tearing me apart" and "Hi Doggy!"
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Welsh_Pirate Sponsor
In reply to Jonus, #11:

NC recently put his review of The Room back up on his site. I'm note sure if the issue was settled or if Doug just said "F#ck it", but it's up in all it's hilarious glory.

Let's all celebrate by putting on some tuxedos and playing catch with a football!
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did anybody else notice at the end, Denny is calling out Johnny and then calls Tommy, the actors real name??
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I love the movie, but I hate going to local artsy theaters to watch it. Making fun of it with friends, though, is some of the most fun I have had with movies.
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I have a friend named Mark, so every time I see him I say "Oh hi Mark". I've shown that scene to many people so they can be in on it too.
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Adult Swim played it as an April Fool's day joke a couple of years ago and I haven't seen it since, but I will never forget the terrible, terrible, movie and how hilarious it was.

"You're tearing me apart!"
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This film is by far the greatest ever made. It's not part of that "Hollywood cookie-cutter" mold, it's a real film about real people and points out how all women are manipulative whores and can't be trusted because they'll just sleep with your best friend. Anyways, how is your sex life?

Anyone who doesn't like this epic film (which is truly up there among the greats with Citizen Kane, Ben Hur, Star Wars, Apocalypse Now and Casablanca) can leave their stupid comments in their pocket.
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Oh hai, people of RT.

Favorite line, courtesy of Nostalgia Critic, is one Johnny finds out that Lisa told her mother that he hit her.

"I didn't hit her, I did not hit her, I DID NOT! Oh, hai Mark!" Critic's Nirvana rant that followed was one of my favorite Nostalgia Critic moments. Ranks up there with his Bat Credit Card rant from Batman and Robin and his reaction when Zordon came back to life when he reviewed the Power Rangers Movie.
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Saw this in a London Cinema last week with a Q&A by the man himself (And sestero there also, though he only got one question and i was even supprised that he got that)

Seriosuly, if you ever get the chance to watch this movie in a cinema do it, there are whole guides on the Room Cinema etique. There were plastic spoons everywhere, amazing laugh.
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The best part of the movie is the flower shop scene. It was like they took a 3 minute scene and squeezed it into 20 seconds.
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We have a Bad Movie Club at our school. We watch bad movies and compete to come up with puns for what is on the screen. The Room is a cornerstone of our club and has some fierce pun battles. It's truly one of the world's most wondrous disasters.
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caboseaholic Sponsor
Old thread, but I'm going to my third screening on August 2nd and I'm stoked.
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baylaust baylaust
"I can't tell you, it's confidential."
"Aw, come on, why not?"
"No, I can't. Anyway, how is your sex life?"
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In reply to caboseaholic, #24:

Was it the cinematic masterpiece you hoped it would be?
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caboseaholic Sponsor
In reply to jtxreddog, #26:

Absolutely. It was everything I remembered and more.
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IAmVeryMoist Sponsor
Saw this at a midnight screening. Nearly lost my shit it was so damn funny.
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In college, my roomates and I would pull this movie out anytime we had someone new over for movie night. Before we started it, we would tell them it was a cinematic masterpiece and one of the best movies ever.

There was also a The Room drinking game that we found online that was pretty hysterical.
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baylaust baylaust
In reply to NotKristen13, #29:

You're tearing the new guys apart, NotKristen13.
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