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DevilTritone YouBigDummy
Round 1 ResultsPost your results for the first round here, and I'll apply 'em to the bracket.
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In reply to DevilTritone, #1:

Zell46 Did not show up to the match, it says he has been offline for two weeks. so does that mean I win?
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Slab Sponsor
I beat Snakexeyez 3-0
#3  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
CabooseRulz7 Sponsor
Totally didn't see this thread before posting in the other lol.

I won against Newbs28, 3-0.
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DevilTritone YouBigDummy
In reply to RAD_5, #2:

If he hasn't gotten back to you by morning, I'll give you the win by default. I'll post here and let you know when I wake up to say you've won.
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beaverkill Sponsor
I get the win over ElOres, unfortunately he had to send his Xbox in. Here's the message he sent me:

"Hey dude, I guess I have to forfeit cuz I sent my xbox off to Texas yesterday to get it fixed. It short circuited so I got to pay $100 to fix it. yaaay. Well good luck to you."
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In reply to DevilTritone, #5:

nope, still nothing.
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imphunter beat fatalvendeta, 3-0
#8  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
DevilTritone YouBigDummy
Sorry for the day's delay guys, my dad's in the hospital as of yesterday so I had visiting to do as soon as he was out of surgery. He's fine, don't worry, but that whole family-visiting thing kind of got in the way of getting things done here.

I'm updating the bracket now with the match scores I've got for round two, which I suppose we'll just have to hold today instead of yesterday. Again, sorry for the delay, but we'll just move the rounds one day forward of when they would have been. Apologies if this causes any inconveniences; if it does, shoot me a message or post here and let me know, so I can adjust things accordingly.

EDIT: Okay, after updating the bracket, I've got two whole matches that were never reported, even a day late. So, as a result, beatboy13, BiggBenn, HAMMERfist, and cmacclokey, you have all been disqualified. imphunter and RAD_5, you've both earned byes into the semifinals, but I ask you to hold off until tomorrow to play your semifinal matches. Feel free to contact anybody else in the tournament or whoever for any practice matches.

Post edited 7/16/09 9:53AM
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