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dark54555 Site Admin
New Super Mario Bros. WiiI'm just going to assume the search function is working and there really isn't a thread for this game (BLASPHEMY!)

A few observations:
1. This game is hard.
2. This game is harder with multiple players.
3. Don't try to play multiplayer with your spouse or significant other. Seriously. Just take turns and hand the controller off.
4. Did I mention this game is hard? Harder than New Super Mario Bros. DS for sure. A hell of a lot harder than Mario World.
5. Penguin Suit = Awesome.
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KWierso Sponsor
In reply to dark54555, #1:

I only got to play a little of this when a family friend's kid brought it over.

Unfortunately, that meant I had to play with that family friend's kid. And my little brother.

Have I mentioned that my brother is not a cooperative person?
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KWierso Sponsor
In reply to KWierso, #2:

Don't get me wrong, it was fun while playing. But he kept pushing forward while I'm trying to collect items and stuff, causing me to die.
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dark54555 Site Admin
In reply to KWierso, #3:

I'm waiting for the first divorce filing citing this game's multiplayer as 'irreconcilable differences.'
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datalaughing Forum Mod
I loved this game. A great balance of retro stuff and new stuff. Like when you get to Bowser and the battle starts out exactly like the first game , I was hit by a wave of delightful nostalgia.

And the multiplayer was great. I mean, talk about adding a whole new dimension to the game. Though you definitely have to be doing it with people who don't mind dying. Otherwise about the fifth time you accidentally jump on someone's head and send them down a pit (in other words, 5 minutes into the game) they'll have their hands around your throat.

One of these days I want them to bring back the Tanooki suit.Through the history of the franchise that has been my favorite suit for some reason.
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In reply to dark54555, #1:

I walked through the first two worlds on my lunch hour a week or two ago without dying so that was pretty sweet. I set up the store with like 40 lives. I totally beat one of the match game things (which was friggin awesome) too, so they had ton of bonus stuff too.

The game's fun and very difficult when you're playing co-op but almost too easy alone (so far).
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dark54555 Site Admin
In reply to lefty, #6:

There are some levels that become a TOTAL PAIN around world 6 or so. The final castle and airship in world 6 suck.
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THECIA Sponsor
penguin suit rocks =]
#8  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Why do we need a NES Mario game in 2010! Were is the future?
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KWierso Sponsor
In reply to MatthewMk2, #9:

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I've been playing on and off with some rather large breaks since i was able to find a copy, but sadly, I've yet to be able to play co-op (or Vs, however you want to look at it). Even have an 'after level reports' of sorts going for it. I must say that yes, it is a lot of fun and yes, it is really hard. I've quickly come to dislike the appearance of the Luigi blocks and the tone I have to hear when I just can't get past a level (I don't wish they were gone entirely, just that there was an option to make them not show up if I don't want them).

Currently, I'm stuck on Bowser, though even after I beat him, I'll still have over half the game to play, since I used the cannons to get through most of it.

Also, while I've only used the Penguin suit once, I have used the Ice Flower a bunch, and thus far, it absolutely ROCKS! Ice balls FTW!

In reply to MatthewMk2, #9:
Why do we need a NES Mario game in 2010! Were is the future?

It heard you were coming, so it decided to hide.

I'm sure it'll come out again once you go away.
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dark54555 Site Admin
So we're up to World 7 now (finally beat the world 6 airship). The Propeller Hat is INVALUABLE.
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datalaughing Forum Mod
I just realized that I never actually played most of the stages in world 8. If you can find the path (easy) and you're willing to suffer through what is, quite probably, the most incredibly irritating stage in the entire game, you can skip almost straight to the final castle. I've got to go back and play the other stages just to do the thing right.
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dark54555 Site Admin
So, we beat it.

I honestly have little to no desire to punish myself by trying to get the rest of the star coins.
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Pantherfan1 Phenomenal
I beat it and it was a lot of fun.
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I still play it from time to time. But I did around 70% of it on the first day.

Also, my sister LOVES sonic and play the game 24/7. If I look at the high scores, it’s sonic at 1st place for everything (by X3 the amount of the 2nd places person)

I still find it funny that in the campaign (of whatever it’s called) no one talks; the closest is Wario shouting at King Dedede after he stealing his car.
#16  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to DeadFrogFoot, #16:

wops wrong game .... ^_*
#17  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Defeating Bowser with three other (retarded) players was the most difficult thing I have had to do in my entire life.

I'm even going to include childbirth in that, and I don't have kids. But if I do someday get knocked up, I know I can look back and think, "Well, I've had worse."
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In reply to datalaughing, #13:

Would that "Incredibly irritating stage" you're referring to happen to be the roller coaster level? Because I thought that level was pretty dang cool. Hardly irritating at all.

Granted, it's possible it was more fun since I had already taken on and beaten Bowser by that point, but it makes me wonder just what might have caused us to have two distinct impressions of that level.
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datalaughing Forum Mod
In reply to Robosheep, #19:

I was talkng about the roller coaster. It irritated me because it took forever to get the jumps timed right, especially with two people, and the power up boxes seemed prety much designed to make you miss them half the time. I thing I died more times in that level than in any two worlds up to that point.

Post edited 2/11/10 6:37AM
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I beat the game without using any cannons. In fact I have yet to figure out how to get to them.
#21  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
dark54555 Site Admin
In reply to Dominoko, #21:

secret exits from nearby levels go to the cannons.
#22  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
DarkZero515 Sponsor
I finally played it yesterday and it was lots of fun. Sometimes we're stuck on levels with little space to stand on and tons of falling down and I get an iceblock and have my partner stand on it while I go through the level.
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its only hard on the first time through. but its still difficult after that.
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I LOVE this game!!! It's so much fun, brings back lots of memories, and it is a CHALLENGE!
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I just could not get into the game, and I recieved quite a bit of flack from my friends because of it. After Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy it just felt like a giant step backwards to play a 2D Mario game, and I have always been one to not partake too much in nostalgia.
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While it is hard with multiple players. It is fun to screw with them.
As long as you stay on World 1 or 2 with your spouse, your fine. After that.........your sleeping on the couch.
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Landon Sponsor
The bubble feature. I hate it.
We've lost more lives than we've saved over that accursed bubble.
#28  Posted 4 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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