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Request of a soldierHello guys

I am a soldier currently stationed in the Middle East (for security reasons i am not allowed to see where but i'm sure you could check my IP and figure out where) I use an old Gen 1 iPhone and listen to your podcasts when they come out. (They make the mundane cleaning of the barracks much more enjoyable) but i find that while i'm on base i have no way to get the updated podcasts directly to my phone through the EDGE (and i imagine people with the 3G version have a similar issue) Is there any method available to you guys to make the podcasts downloadable over the air. (The main problem i think is that the file size is over 10MB which is the limit that iTunes allows over the air) Or if you have any other suggestions for how i can download your podcasts more efficiently while not by a computer or a Wifi connection, i'd love to hear them.

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P.S. sorry about my poor english... I've been stationed in a foreign country speaking the local language too long, and i've begun to forget english...
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an app called gamer radio or something like that is supposed to allow you to download gaming podcasts but idk if the drunktank is part of them... i know Respawn Radio is tho. hope this helps a little bit.
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