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Wendy's upstairs! 18+ onlyIf you heard drunk tank 12 you'll of heard Bernies Wendy's Upstairs comment.

Anyone got any ideas?
#1  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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Fun bags thats all I will say because we all know what the downstairs is ; )
#2  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
On the roof, 69 vertical, using a BBQ as a support.
Uniforms optional
#3  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
oh... whoops i thought we were supposed to e-mail the meaning to Gus :P
#4  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
It's when you're fuckin, and then right before you cum shove a Wendy's triple into her mouth and then give her your "frosty" to wash it down.

That's the best I can do.
#5  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
A number three, with mayo. 0_o
#6  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
MT_Dewer Sponsor
I searched google images for "wendy's upstairs". And I went through only three pages before I found a picture that was pornographic, and it was a picture of a shemale. So I went to the site and looked through this forum for posting shemale sex pictures, until I found an image that I think could be called a Wendy's Upstairs. It was two shemales 69ing. And I totally sent gus an e-mail about this.

There were a few picture's that were much worse, but they didn't look like they should be called a wendy's upstairs. There was one that I would call The Devil's Triangle.
#7  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Dank360 Sponsor
Oh god I know this is gonna sound disgusting, but I want Gus to have the most disgusting image in his head.

When a guy is fucking a girl on her period and right before he cums, he pulls out with his bloody "tool" and orgasms on her tits and rubs it around and mixes it into a "Strawberry Frosty"

A "Wendy's Upstairs" would be fucking a girl on her period doggy style and holding her hair into two pony tails (like the wendy's girl) and orgasming into her hair and smearing the blood to create a "Strawberry Frosty (Wendy's) Upstairs"

Hopefully this is disgusting enough to get mentioned on the next Drunk Tank :D?
#8  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Funny
dude thats just fuckin gross, and i come from a fuck'd up family. lolz though it is funny
#9  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Dank360, #8:

You have just ruined Strawberry Milk for me.
If you spontaniously suffer from headaches and nosebleeds in teh near future it will be me trying to hate you to death.
#10  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Funny
Dirt410 110Percent
A 'Wendy's Upstairs' is when you ejaculate between her boobs up to her mouth (or beyond.)
#11  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
i know it's old but... a wendy's upstairs is when you're fucking and right when your about to blow you shove a burger in her mouth then blow your load on her face... duh.
#12  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Dirt410, #11:

Isn't that just a regular old boob job?
#13  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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