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Young Justice - new DC animated showSo... I don't usually use the forum, so if this is a duplicate thread or for some other reason shouldn't be here, I'd appreciate it if someone linked me to the original or otherwise let me know.

I was wondering if anyone else had seen the pilot episode of the new Young Justice show? It's available on YouTube here, and you can read about it here and here. That pilot episode came out in November, and regular episodes are supposed to start coming out in January, on the 7th I think, on Cartoon Network.

It doesn't exactly follow the plot of the Young Justice comics (which I never read...), and the YT comments are already alight with continuity flames, but as someone who really liked other DC animated series, I think this looks like it will be absolutely great. Not to give too much away, because I urge everyone to watch the pilot episode, but apparently the creators have said they're using Dick Grayson and Wally West for Robin and Kid Flash, rather than Tim Drake and Bart Allen (although nothing has been said in the show itself so far), but are using the newest, post version of Aqualad (black kid from New Mexico) (or at least, he's black in the show, so I assume that's who he is.). The whole thing is supposed to happen not in the main DC universe anyways (I think its supposed to be on Earth-16), so really, as far as I'm concerned they can do what they want.

Just from the one episode, I'm really liking it so far. If other episodes are of the same quality, it'll be like a distillation of all that's good about DC animation. The whole JL looks like they'll be recurring characters, so it's almost like having Justice League Unlimited back again. Anyone who liked Teen Titans (I'm not gonna lie, I actually liked the show) will like that it has younger characters, and some similar bad jokes, but this really doesn't look like TT - it's not anime-ish at all, and it looks like it'll be a lot more serious in tone, as the "sidekicks" are apparently (as of the conclusion to the episode) going to basically be the League's covert-ops team.

So... what does anyone else think? (Or is this thread a waste of space?)
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ErokDragun Forum Mod
not a waste of space...although it should probably go in the TV forum, me being a comic geek, dont mind it being here.

I like nearly all the comic book cartoons (90's X-Men was one of the few I didnt like), and DC has a good track record for cartoons. I look forward to this show.
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In reply to ErokDragun, #2:

yeah...I might also post in in the TV forum, but I figured animated shows were sort of halfway between American comics and Japanese anime, so I put in in here. Plus I'm pretty sure there was at some point a JLU thread in here (came up in my search results when I was checking for an existing thread), so I had that as a precedent.

On another topic, I know I said this in my first post, but I just can't get over how badass of a show I hope this will be, specifically because of the black-ops nature of the work it looks like it will focus around. In an interview with the producers on YouTube, they referred to Batman as the YJ's "general", and I read somewhere else that there will be a fair number of plain-clothes, out-of-costume infiltration-type missions. I think if this were done with older characters it would be way too much 90s style "edginess" (and we do not speak of the 90s - I may not have even been interested in comics in the 90s, but its apparent even looking back on them), but with younger characters livening things up with dialogue and stuff, it should be great.
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just been watching the show, and man it is awesome man, really well done, wonderful character development with all of the characters. Definitely am wondering how Artemis will do in the show.
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TBSWK GeeksNBleeps
I liked the Robin of the Teen Titans tv show better than the one in Young Justice, but overall the show is excellent. Aqualad is particularly bad ass!
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This show reminds me of how great all the earlier DCAU stuff was (i.e. B:TAS and JL) versus the crap we can get at times (Teen Titans, Brave & the Bold, The Batman). Though the fact that Tim Drake's Robin is Dick Grayson's Robin confuses the piss out of me.
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I hope for future villains on the show they should bring in the Joker, Lex, and Deathstroke.
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I've watched only the first episode unfortunately. However, I read a comic book at school that had them in it as well. So I've known about them for a while. I can't wait to see what comes next!
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In reply to Qualeo, #8:

watch all of them, they are great to watch, full of action, and have a great developing story, and character progression.
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One show i would like to see is going into Red Tornado's parental skills with his adopted daughter, and on how they both reflect on each other.
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So which other potential hero's and villain's would you all like to see?
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Parafairy PalestMex
I am in love with Young Justice right now. Particularly last week's episode. Loved touching up on Robin's background. Really I like any episode that touches on a character's background, even if I know it already.
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I wonder what villains they are going to add in the next season, I hope they add in Deathstroke, I know he's a Teen Titan villain and all, but he would be so cool, a true test for the whole team. And I wonder when they are going to add in Wonder Girl, she is yet due for the show.
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They did in fact add Wonder Girl, and Aqualad is actually on a deep cover mission to infiltrate the Light, and did not actually join Black Manta, his biological father. Artemis faked her death to join him in this. . But now we just have to wait and see what is coming in the next season. I've only seen one brief teaser trailer (can't find the link right now) but it looks to be good. I think I did see Deathstroke in there.
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Parafairy PalestMex
In reply to robotminione, #14:

Yep, I saw Deathstroke in the trailer with what appeared to be Artemis's disguised villian persona.
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sdog180 Sponsor
In reply to robotminione, #1:

While I've only watched a few episodes here n there, I'm diggin this show, great set of characters.
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Akodo ShodaiHokage
In reply to sdog180, #16:

Yea I finally caught an episode saturday morning. It was something dealing with body snatching green guys... Lobo was in it. But it seriously drew me in. And Nightwing running the Young Justice is cool. And its a great balance of characters. Im going to find the first season on Bluray/DVD and enjoy myself
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If it's possible, I'd recommend actually watching the episodes in order, as there actually are larger plot arcs (some ongoing from the beginning) and Chekov's guns that pop back up.
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So can't wait to see Deathstroke in the upcoming episodes, this will be epic.
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Starship Sponsor
In reply to Soki03, #19:
is this confirmed? if so, I'm glad to see that the best element from Teen Titans will be making it's way over. Dick Grayson and "Slade" XD

In reply to JCBeezy, #6:
Ditto. For the longest time in the first season I thought the Robin we were seeing was Tim Drake because of the attitude and him being a computer whiz. I was really weirded out when they confirmed his as Dick. Even more so when Tim drake made an appearance in the second season without his signature personality. But it's still working good for me.

I'm wondering when Blue Beatles friend is going to become Apache Chief. They seem to be setting him up for it.
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Starship Sponsor
In reply to Soki03, #21:

omg. it's happening. :D
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If you look closely at Robin's memorial, you'll notice that it's Jason Todd, so meaning that Jason did exist, so there's no doubt about it folks, there may be a Red Hood in this!!
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Starship Sponsor
let's see that's Aquagirl eh? Didn't they mention her in an off handed comment briefly joining the team and then dying?

So Jason Todd is canon in the YJ universe. Man he must have been significantly worse off in this universe. That means his entire span as Robin and death happened within the what, 4 year time gap? Poor Jason.
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In reply to Soki03, #23:

Word of God is that it is Jason, but that there'll be no Red Hood, at least not in this season
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I just wish they would stop with these stupid hiatuses. They would have even more fans then they do if they actually kept the show going instead of airing 3 episodes and then stopping for 6 months.
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The last episode "Before the Dawn" was epic. The look on Miss Martian's face when she realized what was going on was priceless. Can't wait for the show to start up again. I agree that the whole 3 episode release and 6 month breaks are really bogus.
#27  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
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