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The Hunger GamesIf you've read the famous book series known as The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins), you'll know about Katniss Everdeen's great stories in the arena and her fight for justice and freedom against her and her people's oppressors. If not....2 things:


2. You should read them :).

The Hunger Games (the first book of the series) is actually being made into a movie. The movie is scheduled to be released on March 23, 2012 and some of the cast has already been picked. Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, and her friends Gale, Peeta and some of the District tributes have already been picked. Will you guys go see this movie? What do you think of the series being brought to the big screen?
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Landon Sponsor
Two threads concerning this book:
Thread One
Thread Two

*Just for reference.

Never read the book. Sounds delightful though.
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Dude...Both of those were made by me, and it's because it's a book, but will also soon be a movie. So it qualifies as both.
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Dude.... excuse me for being rude but "The Hunger Games" is a very unoriginal piece of work that was poorly written. The story is very similar to "Battle Royale" or hell even "Lord of the Flys". I've attempted to read it twice and each time I can not connect with the charaters and I find the pacing to fast just so it can be flashy. I will give it points in saying that it has motivated people to read but I just constantly feel it is a rip off of Battle Royale.
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I haven't read Battle Royale, but clearly you haven't read "Lord of the FLIES". Lord of the Flies is about a bunch of boys that get marooned on an island when their plane crashes. They try and set up civilization and take care of themselves, but one guy goes savage and encourages the other boys to join in, which they do, all except for 5 people. 2 of those 5 people are killed, 2 are forced to join the tribe to live, and the other stays on the run. The savages are about to kill him when they run into a Royal Navy sailor on the beach and are rescued. The boys in this story are no more than 10-12 years old, and do not know very much about how to care for themselves and maintain proper civilization.

Firstly, The Hunger Games has a female main character named Katniss Everdeen. Second, the difference is that Katniss is locked into a deadly tournament to the death to save her sister's life, and it's about her adventures doing so and how she eventually wins the Hunger Games (SPOILER ALERT!). She also falls in love with the other tribute from her district during the tournament. Katniss is 16 years old.

As you can see, the stories take almost no similarities, minus the fact that combat is involved. What also matters is how old you are...I don't know how old you are, but I'm almost 16 and I feel I can relate a lot to Katniss and her problems, even if they are a bit out of this world, because despite her crazy adventures, she still has normal internal teen conflicts. The boys in Lord of the Flies are young, and unless you're the same age as them, you cannot relate to them whatsoever, because you were likely not marooned on an island before you turned 13.

I rest my case.
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Ok, to all future posters here:

DO NOT COME HERE TO TROLL OR FLAME MY POST. If you do not like the Hunger Games, I respect that, but I don't want you berating the books or the people that actually like them. I don't know why you don't like them, but regardless, I do not want to read anything negative you have to say. If you don't like it, leave this thread now and go to another forum. If not, post something good or neutral about it, but I DO NOT WANT TO SEE TROLLING OR FLAMING OF THE HUNGER GAMES OR ITS FANS. If you berate the subject of my threads or fans of the subject of the thread again, I'm contacting a mod and you'll be banned. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I AM REALLY SICK AND TIRED OF THIS. SAY SOMETHING GOOD OR NEUTRAL, OR GO AWAY!
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Gee, I wonder who negged me. This is the internet. Get use to conflicting opinions. Lord of the Flies plays it's elements due to making younger kids face violence and how they absorb it. Battle Royale is about a government program that places a classroom of kids on an island where they are forced to kill each other. Each are given a bag of different items. They are forced to wear collars around their neck that explode if they try to pull them off and also explode if they fail to kill each other withing the time slot. This event is televised. Sound familiar?
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In reply to Boeing521, #6:

Just because you make a thread doesn't mean you get to make the rules. People can say what they like here because it's a public forum. The RT forums are not here for everyone to talk about how much they love stuff. People will dislike what you like, if you can't defend that without having a tantrum maybe you should avoid public discussion forums.

Just a thought, I have no opinion on the book or movie.
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In reply to DoNothing69, #8:

I know, but I refer to the rule "Do not flame, be flamebait, or troll in the forums" when I said that. People will clearly have conflicting opinions, but if they're going to flame and disobey the rules and bother me, I don't want them commenting on my posts. And I think we'll let Tudor and the other mods decide on whether or not I'm fit to comment in here.
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Sam, my post was not flame (Calling you by your real name is flaming though).. It was an opinion that had a given reason for why I have that opinion. Smile good sir, and read Battle Royale and you'll probably agree with my reasoning.
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In reply to Boeing521, #9:

If someone says that something you like is bad, that is not flaming or trolling. If you consider
Dude.... excuse me for being rude but "The Hunger Games" is a very unoriginal piece

flaming then you might be a little over-sensitive. He even said "excuse me for being rude".

and no one was suggesting you aren't "fit to comment in here" just that your comment was an unnecessary over-reaction to a perfectly polite, well crafted, thoughtful critique.

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Uh....How do you know my name? Look at my profile? And how is it flaming? And I agree that the three books are similar in that the children are battling each other, but The Hunger Games is set in a new Earth different from this one. They've each got their own unique things about themselves. Besides, Lord of the Flies was written in 1954, and is the type of story that gets analyzed in schools (that's how I ended up reading it). The Hunger Games is different, and is not analyzed in many, if any, schools. Suzanne Collins may have used an old similarity, but I think she did a good job at making it unique and different in several ways.

Also, I think we both know that since it's not analyzed in schools, the Hunger Games trilogy must be interesting :D.
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Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, promotes the HG series, doesn't make it intersting kind sir. It not being in schools doesn't make it interesting either.
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Ok, well it's definitely not boring. And just because Stephanie Meyer promoted it doesn't mean it's girl eye candy like Twilight. And you didn't answer my first question: How do you know my real name?
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Magicians never reveal their secret. I will credit you for reading in a time when readers are rare. I urge you to,if you have not, branch into more challenging reads though. Continue reading.
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I never planned on stopping...I read a lot, even if some of it is digitized...I'm like the only one in my school that reads the news. And for all I know that "Magic Trick" was just clicking my username and scrolling to "The Goods". Useful to some, but not very creative I'm afraid.
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Never meant for you to be afraid. I'm just a nice Ginger
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That would explain your name, but for the sake of my personal security and so that I don't go insane over this, I would ask that you tell me.
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Your picture says it all
#19  Posted 4 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
What, you copied the URL to Facebook? That's the only other way I'd think you could do it.
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film_geek Site Admin
Sam, your name is on your profile.

and Donothing has a point, Gingeyy was making a polite post with a different view point on these books (which do sound kinda like Battle Royale).
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I'm not commenting on Battle Royale, since I haven't read it. And some "magic trick" then.
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In reply to film_geek, #21:

Way to ruin the magic =)
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film_geek Site Admin
In reply to Gingeyy, #23:

I know, but the little dude was going to have an aneurysm trying to figure it out.
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In reply to film_geek, #24:

Dude come on, I'm 15, I'm not little. And despite being young, I'm not stupid. I remember it's there on my profile. I was just concerned he got it from somewhere else (e.g. Facebook) since my picture includes my Facebook profile to show my awesome Achievement Hunter profile banner :D. Even though most of the info is blacked out, I accidently forgot the URL...Oh well, I guess I need some Facebook friends from RT :P.
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film_geek Site Admin
In reply to Boeing521, #25:

... if it's on your profile then... why... would he get it somewhere else... if it's on your profile... why would he bother to go to your facebook though the URL... also if your name if on the profile he could search that on facebook instead of using the URL... I have a headache.

Also, force of habit, I'm tall, I call everyone little, especially people younger then I. no offence intended.
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Alright....And just in case :P. Thanks.
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I am personally pumped for these movies. I haven't read Battle Royal, but I may take a look at it. I love these books though. I'm just finishing up Catching Fire, and then will be moving on to Mockingjay.

I think the cast choices in the movie are great, and the trailer makes it look fricking amazing.

However, I would kindly ask that we don't bring up Stephanie Meyer praising this book. Becasue I love these books, and have no respect for Stephanie Meyer as an author.
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Count3D Site Admin
I'm seeing this at a midnight screening. Can't wait. Praise has been pretty high so far.
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evrlozano Sponsor
Midnight tonight! Gonna be first in line (along with my brother). Who else is going to the midnight premiere?
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