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Red vs. Blue: Season 10 - Yes, she's their daughterHere is where we can discuss everything about the end of Red Vs Blue Season 9, and the future of season 10

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1. Gramm...
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Ember FoxGirl
In reply to emPtysp4ce, #5311:

... I think you misunderstand. Donut is not an AI. His armor was in recovery mode. Church is an AI. That's how Sarge was able to see him while in recovery mode from being shot in the head.
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In reply to Agent_Me, #5312:

Yeah, I do misunderstand. I misunderstand a lot.
All right, Donut isn't an AI. I knew that. I also know Church is. Sarge could see him in Recovery mode? Don't remember that. I haven't watched the episode in a while, probably explains a few things.
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Ember FoxGirl
In reply to emPtysp4ce, #5313:

It was earlier on the BG chronicles. Caboose shot Sarge in the head while Sarge was possessed by the "ghost" of Church. He was in a foggy place, where Church allowed him to believe that he was an angel. (Because everyone knows that angels swear like Church does.)

I speak from experience that it's harder to remember things properly if you haven't watched the episodes recently or enough. I've had to be corrected as well.
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In reply to Agent_Me, #5314:

OOOOOHHHHHH, that episode. I thought you were referring to the time after Tex beat the shit out of the Reds and Blues. No wonder I didn't remember.
That was recovery mode? That I didn't know.
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In reply to emPtysp4ce, #5315:

Wait, I'm still not clear. The one in Revelation, episode 10.
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Ember FoxGirl
In reply to emPtysp4ce, #5315:

I am talking about the scene in... S1 I think. I am not able to double check the season right now. I am not referring to S8 ep10.
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RTZachGuy00 Grunkle Fan
Aw, man, this isn't their tenth anniversary. This is their ninth. But I'm sure we'll still be getting something good on April 1st.
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RTZachGuy00 Grunkle Fan
Found this on Kathleen's blog.
We have completed about 95% of all the dialogue recording for RVB 10!!! Wooo hoo!! Animation and Machinima are up on the docket...very exciting.

Either this is a good thing, meaning that everything is flowing nicely and the season will be finished quicker than we thought, or this is a bad thing and there's not too much dialogue.

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In reply to RTZachGuy00, #5319:

Well, Burnie did say that he moved a few scenes from Season 9 to Season 10. Also, wasn't the script for Season 10 shorter than 9, originally? If so, I really hope that isn't true or that it will change. Based on how much time was spent on the action scenes or dramatic silence, there really wasn't a whole lot of explaining done where it should've been necessary.

Basically what I want is some info on Project Freelancer, CI, and the Insurrectionists' stance on the war, Carolina's story plus Wash and the rest of the guys interacting with her, and lots of characterization for everyone that hasn't gotten a whole lot of screen time (dead Freelancers plus Lucy).
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In reply to Ashrah54, #5320:

Except for Florida Poor Florida.
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In reply to Ashrah54, #5320:
If the reds and blues do team up with Carolina then somebody is bound to ask about her because all of them believed her to be dead. I believe that they will go back to either a short scene or an episode worth of footage about her story. I believe that Carolina might have had some help from the inside maybe from wash that she was not caught by people who worked with freelancers or killed by other rogue freelancers.
#5,321  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to CeReAlxKilla, #5322:

Hmm...I do agree, though the alternative seems more likely based on Rooster Teeth's previous style: a brief, underdetailed explanation that will leave us begging for more but guarantee a good story in about 5 years.
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In reply to Ashrah54, #5323:

They want to keep us watching I guess but an underdetailed explanation of this would leave many people unhappy or if they have Carolina not even answer the question at all that would just be terrible
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In reply to SHP, #5321:

I don't understand the Florida thing...
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In reply to jhenry4, #5325:

It has been predicted, in real life, that the state of Florida will go underwater and all of its cities will be destroyed. Therefore, in the future, America will still be reknowned for its 50 states although one (Florida) was destroyed, leaving it with the less-than-satisfactory number of 49. So whenever they mention Florida, it's always "poor Florida" because it used to complete America but alas, was lost in a natural disaster.
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In reply to Ashrah54, #5326:

Haha thanks. I've watched every episode of Red vs. Blue multiple times searching for some mention of what actually happened to Florida.
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PRationality Fullmetal
In reply to jhenry4, #5327:
Tucker: One for each State? So there's fifty of you.
Tex: Forty-nine, remember?
Tucker: Oh, yeah, that's right. Man. Poor Florida.
Episode 41 "Let's Get Together" (thanks to Roostertooths)

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brrrd Sponsor
In reply to Ashrah54, #5320:

I think it was a rough script, but I'm not positive on that.

I bIn reply to SHP, #5321:

The state of Florida was destroyed. There was never an Agent Florida.

In reply to RTZachGuy00, #5319:

If they really hammered out the dialogue, no big deal. I mean, if the season is 2 and half hours long (which is a pretty long, season IIRC) then that is more like an hour and half or so of dialogue (REALLY rough and low estimate.) Divided among all the characters of Season 10, that doesn't leave a terribly large amount of dialogue each person needs to do. And it has been about 15 weeks or so since the finale of Season 9 was finished. Considering that they used to be able to get down all the dialogue of a particular episode done in single week along with all of the shooting and editing (and writing,) I think that is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to finish the dialogue of the season. Also, if scenes or parts of scenes are added in the future, it won't be too hard to do a little more recording then.
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In reply to HunterGreavs, #7:

Exactally. im with him
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In reply to nintendoginu, #5330:

WTF, why are you replying to post seven from the first page. We're on a totally different conversation now.
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LesGrossman Sponsor
This is how Nicolas Cage would react if he heard that Florida was destroyed
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Bryan MadHistorian
In reply to bradleykins, #5292:


Alright so here's all the important info related to Season 10 and future seasons from the Twitter interview, Reddit RT AMA, and the Reddit Q n' A after Season 9 ep. 2. I put questions at the beginning, standard newb FAQ answers bolded, and other relevant Burnie sayings at the end. I'm still working on the Inquisition Transcript, but I think I might just condense it and only include Future Season information. Either way, it's gonna take a while. But here's this in the meantime.

Season 10 Confirmations/ Shit Burnie Says

1. Are you only going to use agents that you have mentioned at some point in the past or will there be new ones?
RT: There are lots of agents. We are focusing on a specific point in time and a certain set of agents. You will see ones you have never heard about before and many in roles different than how you know them.

2. Will we see freelancers other than the ones in season 9 and 10?
RT: Sort of not all the Freelancers on screen have been named yet. Not all Freelancers are shown, we had to choose ones that were relevant to the story. Otherwise, we would have had an unmanageable cast.
There is room in the storyline to tell more Freelancer adventures outside of this arc. More agents too.

3. From what I've seen of the lower half of the Director's Face, he looks a little like Gordon Freeman. Is he Gordon Freeman?
RT: Yes. He is Gordon Freeman. Agent South is Metroid.

4. Regarding Carolina calling Epsilon Alpha
The reasons why Carolina wants Epsilon are irrelevant to his designation as Alpha or Epsilon.

5. Is the Season 9 Trailer canon?
The original trailer was intended to be a scene in the third act of Season 9, but as we got later in production some things moved around. It's canonical in the sense that the events happened, just not necessarily in the order they appear in the trailer.

6. Best character to write for?
Delta is the easiest. He's my go-to exposition guy. He can explain lots of plot/backstory in a short period of time. The audience trusts him and doesn't get bored when he explains things. It's hard not to overuse him.
There are characters WE like and characters that make sense to take the lead. For instance, the audience loves York & Delta, but they work much better as color characters than Wash would. Wash is a great character to help drive a story along. My current favorite character is 479er (PILOT); we had to move a bunch of her scenes to Season 10.

7. Will we see Tex again?
You might have seen the end of Tex's story without seeing all of Tex's story. Make sense?

8. You will see Blue Team Wash in Season 10.

9. Trailer for Season 10 will probably release at PAX Boston (April 6th-8th)

10. No mini-series planned between 9 & 10.

11. Season 10 will continue adventure of RvB Team & Carolina and finish the tale of Project Freelancer up to RvB.

12. CT's voice change will make sense.

13. MBG is in Season 10.

14. When Carolina was first mentioned, Tex did say that "she was already dead" by then. You will have to wait and see

15. Caboose will not be animated. Ever.

16. The plan is for Season 10 to cap the stories started in Reconstruction. It's not a new trilogy.

17. We do not plan to show the faces of the RvB main cast. They are better in your head.

18. No set time to end. We will keep making RvB as long as people watch it and 343 is happy with it

19. Carolina and Wash had similar experiences at Freelancer, but on totally different levels. Wash was just the intro.

20. In the n+1 iterative world of the mem unit, Epsilon becomes Alpha. In this world he is still Epsilon. Chart coming soon.

21. Epsilon and Wash are a major part of the story. I would like to show their introduction if there is time.

22. After what happened to Reds & Blues vs Tex in Season 8, I doubt they will try to fight Carolina.

23. Season 10 will have Halo 3 "present day" footage and "backstory" CG animation.

24. I won't pretend to have written ten years of content back in 2003, but we are very careful to make sure that new stories honor the old ones -- and that they pay off old gags as well, no matter HOW old. We love the idea that people rewatch old episodes and go "what the fuck" to themselves. Some of those moments are only going to hit with 1% of the audience, but it still feels worth it.

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BuckeyeDon Crackpottery
In reply to CMacWilliams, #5171:
In reply to Tehnoob249, #5170:

...nobody in the world can figure out why a bloodlust was caused by a loyal character like Carolina.
In reply to cdnl33t, #5172:
In reply to CMacWilliams, #5171:

Well to be honest, we have a fairly decent guess about why she wants the Director dead. I mean he did put two A.I.s in her head.

They took away her AIs.

In reply to PRationality, #5181:
Remember Maine started referring to himself as 'the Meta' (as in 'The Meta was here'), at least I'm assuming Maine took on that name?

I'm of the opinion that the AI Collective called themselves 'The Meta'. This indicated to me that the AIs announced that they were in control now.

In reply to PRationality, #5188:
In reply to bradleykins, #5186:

>.> I don't know some of the criminal sex cases I had to go through for class never make me assume anything, ever.

Story time (from a 'what's grosser than gross' session):

Woman goes to the doctor to have a rash checked out. The rash was around her mouth. Doc does some checking and takes a swab sample and comes back with a grave and concerned look on his face. The woman is now scared and asked the Doc how bad it was and if there is a cure. Doc relaxes a bit and says 'Yes, there's a cure, an easy one as a matter of fact'. Relieved, the woman asks what the rash is all about. Doc looks her dead in the eye and says one word: "Mites". Stunned, the woman asks how she could have gotten the mites. Doc calmly explains that the only place these mites are typically found are on cadavers and asks if she works in a morgue or funeral home. With a steely gaze the woman looks the Doctor dead in the eye and says emphatically:

"No, I do not. However, my now ex-boyfriend does."

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RTZachGuy00 Grunkle Fan
In reply to BuckeyeDon, #5334:

I actually thought they took away her AIs, but then I thought: why would they?

Post edited 2/25/12 12:41PM
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BuckeyeDon Crackpottery
In reply to RTZachGuy00, #5335:

PF tried taking away everyone's AIs. Drastic measures were taken to prevent this from occurring.

It seems (to me at least) that Carolina didn't have an issue with having two AIs implanted, but having them removed.
#5,335  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to BuckeyeDon, #5336:

I can understand that.
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CorbanG ThetaDog
In reply to bradleykins, #5329:

I would actually enjoy more dialogue in this season. In Season 9, it was basically pointless dialogue (except in Episode 20). Season 10 needs to have less fighting because Season 9 seemed to be all focused on Monty-vision. Monty-vision wasn't all that bad, but I'm wanting some more intriguing information. I wouldn't mind a few fight scenes, but that doesn't need to be Season 10's main focus.

In reply to Bryan, #5333:

Bryan, from your post here, I cannot wait for Season 10! You made it so much harder to wait.
#5,337  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to skydeath, #5331:

#5,338  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 1 WTF
brrrd Sponsor
In reply to nintendoginu, #5339:

Quite possibly the most worthless post in the history of the forum.

In reply to CorbanG, #5338:

So would I, but so? It's not our choice, and we can only make predictions off of what we know. Besides, even if the entire season was just them talking, there would still be a gap between the runtime of the season and the amount of dialogue there is. I don't think we will see too much fighting in Project Freelancer, since most of the Freelancers should be occupied by their new AI, and going crazy. We can expect a big Tex vs. Carolina though, I think. There will be a few in the "present day" scenes, or at least there should be.

In reply to BuckeyeDon, #5336:

They tried taking them, but the AI didn't know that. The AI and Freelancers were led to believe that the AI were to be deleted. A few of the AI decided that they were going to fight back. Not all, however, as some of the AI were "deleted," or rather removed and stored.
#5,339  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Bryan, #5333:

Thanks man, explained all there is to know! (For now)
#5,340  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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