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Chaosball Halo: Reach TourneyA new game-type has been found! Chaosball!!!!!!!!!!!!

This brings the simplicity of Grifball and the chaotic mess of chaos and other weapons into one! When you mix these variable weapons together, everything balances out! ANYONE can play Chaosball!

The game-type is still being tested, and is almost complete (2-3 more days.)

Just like the Grifball Leagues, the NCBL has it's own website! The National Chaosball League has opened its doors to the public for fan purposes now. Competitive match play will begin in the FIRST EVER Chaosball League "Orignal 8 Tourney."

8 teams, captained by The Creator (sonicchaos1993), Co-Creators, Developers, and Testers will be accepting anyone who wants to play on their team! All you have to do is go to our website and create a forum account, and message the captain you wish to play for.

The Tournament begins and ends Saturday Night, Sept. 9, 2011

A moment of silence will occur prior to each game in honor of those who lost their lives in 9/11.



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