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SpiderChief Sponsor
Know of any story-publishing websites? I'm looking to post my stories online but I haven't got a clue as to where to begin. Does anyone happen to know of any good websites out there where I can do such a thing? I've written several books and I have, quite literally, just started another story set in a different universe.
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PRationality Fullmetal
Try if you want purely electronic formatting. I'm not sure of the formatting process (they have a comprehensive guide I've been told) but you can have the book online as an html document, for the kindle or pdf. You can set the price for free or for whatever you want to charge and its all DRM-free.

Smashwords won't make a cover for you or anything of that nature, its purely for uploading and buying books. Editing and such should be done beforehand (though I'm guessing you knew that).
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Check out
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You can also publish through Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing. So far that's where I have made the majority of my sales. Here's a forum with more information on their site.

I have also published through Smashwords and Lulu, but have yet to make any sales.
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ShifterC Sponsor
It depends on what you want. If you want to say, build up a fanbase you could use this one website "" and release a few chapters so people can get a feel for the story and then put it up on, i believe |" which they would then have to buy the rest of the story. It takes a bit to get known on the site, but its still a good place to get started. Hope i helped.
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BeccaShannon Sponsor
I post on
You don't earn any money from it, it's all free but it is a good place to get feedback from people reading your stories and they have a hit counter to count how many people click on your story and they even break it down by indivual chapters.
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Tropes FutureTexan
Hells yeah I know of one! All my work currently published is through, and having met the entire team from libboo I can say I think they'll go far. They really try hard to make sure writers get found by readers.
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