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Looking for opinions and criticism!I'm going to start on a Halo: Reach machinima series (or at least try) based around 2-4 characters and was thinking of using Tempest as either the starting map or main throughout the series. Opinions, or criticism?
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MasSkullking Person
Can't really give any opinions or criticism without seeing at least the first episode or even know what the series is about and/or genre?

For example:

Is it a drama/action/comedy?
Is it based on the halo story/timeline?
or is it just using the halo game and entirely new story line?

But even with that I can't express a true opinion until actually seeing any of it.
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Ok, yeah that was a stupid mistake. It's going to be based around a person who is thrown into a virtual world, created by an evil scientist (for lack of a better description), and is given a robotic AI to assist him (Forge mode based obviously). He eventually realizes this and him and his befriended AI must survive in the world until they can find a way for the main protagonist to get out. It will be a action/comedy/drama. The only reason I asked about the map is that I've never really seen Tempest used for anything at all in machinima.
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i think using this map could be a fresh idea.u got different locations u can use.maybe u could combine it with another map( maybe for the inside of a building or something). that be very interesting
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I was thinking of doing that also, but I'm not 100% sure yet. Thank you for the input
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Anchor 9 might be a good place for lair for the evil scientist, could possibly work
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In reply to Revan1151, #6:

the map condemed could be good for that as well.didnt see that used before.u got a good view if u take a look outsite.could fit very well,depending on the story
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I really like the idea of taking a classic source of literature and making more accessible to to another generation. Please do this I would love to see it. Please post if you got it off the ground.
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