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TGV Vault EntriesSo some of you might be familiar with due to our previous postings here. If you're not, then here's the deal: We're a website that constantly strives to not only inform you guys on the latest news on video games, but as well as entertain. And this is why we created Vault Entries! Our new video series consists of short looks of recently released video games, new demos, games we missed, and much more. It's also the first of many video series that we plan to do over at TGV.

In our maiden voyage episode, I play through The Darkness 2 and provide my impressions (and strep throat coughing) throughout. You can watch the crazy gore splattering, imp pissing, and point and shooty action in the link below!

Hope you guys enjoy! If you like it, don't forget to subscribe our Youtube channel. And as always, vist the website!

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Comments, feedback, and suggestions for the next episode are always welcome. And by that I mean PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT OH GOD
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New episode is up The game is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning!

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Our Mass Effect 3 Demo episode is up! Please leave a comment and subscribe!
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New Vault Entry is here! The game for today is Crusader Kings 2, the new Grand Strategy game from Paradox Interactive. I bring along one of my fellow vassal friends with me as we try and rule the world as Tyrone.

Don't forget to comment and subscribe to the channel. We're getting close to a 100 subscribers!
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New Vault Entry is Syndicate! Comment and subscribe and such.
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