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caitlyn7679 Sponsor
2012 Academy AwardsJust curious as to what everyone is predicting...kind of making this thread a little late since the award ceremony is tomorrow....or technically today since it is 1 am....But still post and tell me who should win!
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Hightower Smelly Butt
I think Brad Pitt will win.
#2  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
N.P.H. will probably win something, along with the B.B.T. boys...
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DuffmanMedic Sponsor
Predicting the Academy Awards?

I won't care about who wins.

And by doing so, I win.

Honestly though, I hope War Horse wins something. Because I love films set in wars that don't normally get chosen ie Not WWII

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caitlyn7679 Sponsor
In reply to DuffmanMedic, #4:

Yeah I kinda stoped caring about who wins too, the quality of the "Oscars" has gone down soooo much the last few years :(
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caitlyn7679 Sponsor
Well I fucking hated this year, I wasn't happy with anyone that one. Freaking LAME.
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In reply to caitlyn7679, #5:

They probably pick the winners as depicted in RoosterTeeth's newest short.

The entire pretentious attitude of the Academy makes the show unbearable. Everything is prewritten to comply with their rules of conduct, and if you do anything that isn't deserving of the amount of class they set, you are banned. Take the instance with Sacha Baron Cohan: he wanted to come dressed as the Dictator, much like Ben Stiller dressed as a Navi, and they barred him because they had a low opinion of him. After they reversed the barring, and he dumped some of Kim Jong Il's "ashes" on Ryan Seacrest, they not only ejected him, but now he is facing criminal charges and could be put in jail for a year for criminal assault.

Pulling a prank on someone is not criminal assault, do you know what is?: beating your girlfriend. I'm truly annoyed that Chris Brown performed twice at the Grammy's
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I, for once, watched all the movies nominated. :D

The Artist was spectacular. Some of my favorite movies, notably Midnight in Paris and Beginners deserved a little more sugar in my opinion.
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