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Jake Comm Hunter
Halo Combat Evolved PCHas anyone played recently? i haven't played in about 3 years, but i absolutely loved it and would like to get back into it. Does anyone know if alot of people still play it?

Also comment below on your thoughts of it. IMHO, great game. love the hell out of it.
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I played it not too long ago. There was a lot of the game's graphical functionality that wasn't working properly in Windows 7. Worked fine in Wine on Linux though. Same deal with Halo 2, lot of the graphical features break in Windows 7 but work fine in Wine. Halo CE it was tolerable, as the game wasn't graphically complex to begin with, but Halo 2 it was distracting, some models rendered fine, others looked like they came out of a game from the late 90s.
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Oh, about online play. Had no trouble finding servers during the daytime, During the night however it was a ghost town.
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Jake Comm Hunter
In reply to default_ex, #3:

thank you very much, i only really have time to play from like 3-8 anyway, ill check it out later. thanks again
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I've been playing multiplayer lately :D!! is amazing how good this game is after all this years. I run it on a Windows 7 computer and still runs smooth :P
the funny thing is that most of the people that play on it are from like spanish speakers (spaniards, mexican, colombian, chileans)
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Jake Comm Hunter
i remember when i played it back in 05 there were alot of foreigners that played. i am really trying to get back into it, i truly loved it alot. thanks for the info by the way, i currently use Windows 7 so im excited to hear it still runs nicely !
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FodderForce Clueless
I still play it from time to time. It isn't too hard to find servers with lots of people online. I mostly have a problem finding a server that doesn't have wacky mods installed on them. I remember this one server in which the admins could teleport right behind players for reasons unknown to me except to gain an unfair advantage. Well, I killed an admin and after that he kept teleporting behind and trying to kill me. Of course the motion tracker gave him away each time he tried.
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Jake Comm Hunter
In reply to FodderForce, #7:

i remember the last time i played there were alot of modders playing. it was pretty cool but weird as hell ! still happy to hear there are alot of people still playing though
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I played it years ago and enjoyed it.
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i havent played it for a year. last time i did me and my friends had a lan party on it :D
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In reply to FodderForce, #7:

That seems to be a problem in any modable game with multiplayer. Some mods make sense, like the death beam in CS:S (shows the path of the bullet that killed you), but others just slowly chip away at what made the game so much fun. Still you can usually find at least a couple "pure" servers in any game, where the mod choice is only stuff that doesn't alter the gameplay.
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I played a lot of Halo Custom edition not to long ago.It has gotten hard to find servers(at least for me)
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Jake Comm Hunter
i played last night, 600 people were online, and i had a great time too ! alot of cool mods and stuff, even playing without them was awesome. best game


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I need to get back on.Because Halo 1 in my opinion is probably the best out of all of the games and just to reinforce that argument the magnum is awesome in Halo 1 and can't be matched in any other game.
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I actually installed it yesterday. So many good memories :D
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Halo Custom edition is an absolutely good game to play. It was the thing me and my friends played on the school computers all the time. also I love the fact that people have made loads of different maps for it. Coldsnap,Extinction and Chiron TL34 were the best maps in my opinion
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I haven't played this game either for a long time and I should go play it right now. The last time I played it, there were a good number of people playing but nothing close to what other games have. Love CE on PC, freaking awesome.
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I haven't really played it much recently, but I used to spend day and night playing both the regular version and Custom Edition. Seeing this thread makes me want to play a little bit right now though, hopefully I can find a regular server instead of a super snipers game or rocket launcher server.
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Oh how I miss it. I even enjoyed the free version when I got my new laptop a couple years after it came out...
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BojacPrime Poke Master
Sorry if you guys feel this is misplaced
but I miss HALO 2 terribly and was thinking about picking up a PC copy
is anybody still on it?
legitimate game play not modded BS
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Anyone out there have a private server? I'd love to play it again

CTF on Blood Gultch pl0x
#21  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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