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iPad is more than just a female product?HEY! Just wondering if there's a Rooster Teeth iPad app or not.
I've looked and can't really find one so I'm guessing no?
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There is a lot of confusing stuff going on. Are you asking the preference of an iPad, or if there is a Rooster Teeth iPad app?

Anyway, no, there isn't an app.
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In reply to GreenWalrus, #2:

Ahaha the title doesn't have much in common with what I was wondering. xP

Aw damn, cause I know there's one for the iPhone but wasn't sure about an iPad one. Darn
Thanks for your help!
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In reply to mindmovement, #3:

You could go to Safari, go to RT homepage, and set the bookmark as an app. I think they hinted at an iPad app soon though.
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