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Podcast topicsHere we should post things that we want heard on the podcast. Some ideas I have are especially Kony 2012. Feel free to post yours
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Sorry Closecut but...

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Anehkair Sponsor
Geoff and Gavins Let's Play MLB 2K12 should be on this coming Wednesdays RT Podcast. I was crying I was laughing so hard. I sent the link to the video to everyone on my friends list on MSN, AIM and skype. I had them all crying from laughter by the end. XD
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Sad, but I know the guys have brought Leslie the Austin homeless guy up numerous times before. I'm sure he'll be missed.
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They did a great improv livestream on Sunday night with L4D2. Gav, RQMike, Burnie, Jack, Gus, and Barbara(Blawndee) had a very nice livestream for people that were watching the site. Honestly, I'm mystified there isn't a Left 4 Dead 3. It'd be a great coup for some company to come on the Podcast and make an exclusive announcement about an upcoming game. SWTOR was neat, but they had been beta testing that for months before hand.

C'mon Chet! And if Jack calls your game Dead Rising again, you can have Gus fire him live on the podcast!
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Watching that right now. It's fantastic. Gavin constantly getting in the way and yelling his Britisms. As for L4D3, you know the old saying: Valve can't count to 3.
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