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SpartacusAnybody keeping up with Season 2 of Spartacus: Vengeance? The series is absolutely one of the best things on T.V.
Looking for some people to chat up and theory craft what's to come on the next episode.
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I love Spartacus and watching the new season with dutch subtitles, but currently i have to start episode 8 of Vengeance, i just finished 7.

Cool you started this thread by the way, i'm pretty sure more people love the serie.
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In reply to Djess, #2:

Episode 9 was really good, Seems like 10 is going to be the best on yet, I cannot wait for the finale!
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In reply to Juco, #3:

Finished 8, so sad Lucius Caelius dies, he was one of my favorite characters. Can't wait for 9 with dutch subtitles.
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In reply to Djess, #4:

I think you'll really like 9 Let me know when you see it!
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In reply to Juco, #5:

It's not out yet, for the Netherlands (Have to download it), as soon as it comes online, i'll tell you.
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In reply to Djess, #6:

Sounds good.
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Never has a show with such terrible writing and such terrible acting been so goddamn appealing. This is easily the dumbest show on television, and yet I can't look away. Any show that will have someone poke out another person's eye with the broken arm bone of another person clearly is doing something right.

Too bad about the acting and the writing though. At least it seems like they've put a little bit more effort into the special effect this season though.
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In reply to MustyMung, #8:

Are we watching the same show?
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In reply to Juco, #9:

I don't know, are we? Do you know what good acting is? I mean, don't get me wrong, I've been a big fan of this show from the beginning. It defines excess. It's gratuitous violence coupled with gratuitous nudity, and it's taken both of those to such an excessive level, that you can't help but be fascinated. But the acting is TERRIBLE. It's a bunch of muscly dudes mugging, and it's filled with women who clearly slept with someone to get a role. The only decent actress is Lucy Lawless, and that's saying something.

I did think that the "prequel" had a bit of decent writing. Not necessarily in the dialogue, but the overall story arch added a nice touch to the series in general.
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In reply to MustyMung, #10:
The prequel had terrible acting, but Blood and Sand and Vengeance did not. What's next, your going to say Inception was to simple?
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In reply to MustyMung, #10:

How is the acting bad, you keep saying it's terrible but give 0 reason to why?
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They're just bad actors. There's no emotional depth to any of the performances. I mean, they replaced Spartacus without skipping a beat. That should show you right there how much they rely on the performances of their cast, as opposed to the excessive violence and boobs. My friends and I joke that it should be called Spartacus Blood and Tits.

Look, I still love the show, but you there are different reasons to love a thing. The acting and the writing are not it here.

And I loved Inception. I didn't think it was as confusing as some people seemed to.
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In reply to MustyMung, #13:

O wow, Spartacus Blood and Tits, hahahaha.
Listen dude, there's no depth? Spartacus's speeches are just epic, you can see the anger and stuff, and they replaced Spartacus without skipping a beat? What the hell they should have done, resurrect Andy? Saying he died of cancer in the show, and say that this was his twin or anything? It's sad it happen, but what should they have done then?
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In reply to MustyMung, #13:

Andy Whitfeild (Spartacus) died of cancer, of course they had to replace him, and no emotion? clearly you've watch maybe one episode tops, because episode 10 of season one alone has a ton of emotion. And what's wrong with the writing? You keep saying that stuff is bad but give no reason to it. You're entitled to you opinion but at least support it with reason.
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I loves season 1 and made it a good few episodes in to 2, however I don't like the new actor I lost interest fairly quick. It is still a good show, its just not for me anymore.
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In reply to Getsuoni, #16:

Liam McIntyre Isn't that bad, why it is different I eventually got into it again and love it just as much as before, it does take some getting use to, true fans won't shy away, but embrace and support the show in honor of Andy Whitfeild who is no longer with us.
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In reply to Juco, #17:

Thats not true, i can see someone losing interesst, i personally don't, but i could see it happening.
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In reply to Djess, #18:

"Spartacus: Vengeance" is much more of an ensemble piece: The man is a symbol at the head of an army, but the idea of freedom is almost as important and prominent as he himself is. Second, there wasn't as much time to explore Spartacus in depth, especially in a season that had to re-establish Ilythia and Glaber's relationship, introduce fairly major story threads for several other returning characters (including Lucretia, Crixus, Mira, Ashur and Gannicus) and introduce new players like Varinius, Seppius, Seppia and Ilythia's father. There was simply a lot going on, and not as much time to devote to the title character. But more than that, "Spartacus" was a different show this season because the slaves and the slave owners simply weren't in contact that much.It was just a different dynamic, and I think it was easier to create big, dramatic moments for Spartacus when the slaves and slave owners were closer together.
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In reply to Juco, #19:

Episode 9 is up! Downloading it now!
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In reply to Juco, #19:

Like I said I'm not saying its is bad or anything I just find myself losing interest. I did really love this show a lot I can't bring my self to sit through an episode any more which is sad because I really want to, kinda like Grimm I really love it but I am losing interest in it, then one episode I find very good sling shots me back into wanting more.
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In reply to Getsuoni, #21:

Season 2 is finished for me and let me tell you this, It worth watching, Ep. 5,9,and 10 Are amazing, I'd give it a chance if you loved it that much before.
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In reply to Djess, #20:

Nice! 10 was amazing let me know what you think about 9!
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9 was epic, and i was so excited cause 10 got out as well.. I used to think 9 was amazing, but then i watched then, The thing with Illythia felt like a scary horror movie, when Oenomaus died, i felt like crying, and the moment that i saw the romans coming towards Gannicus, Crixus, Argon and Spartacus (After they fired the cannons) i don't know what i felt, but it was awesome. This is, for sure, the best episode of Spartacus ever. Of all time.
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In reply to Djess, #24:

Haha nice RvB reference. It was so good, I still can't believe they killed off 6 Major characters in one episode, they will be missed, but I cannot wait to see what happens going forward. Season 3 starts filming this month in Ackland, New Zealand. A lot of new characters have been announced with little detail, but still looking forward to it!

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In reply to Juco, #25:

A sad spoiler alert but somewhat cool for foreshadowing: Wikipedia details the tale of the person Spartacus, with exact names and everything and apparently at some point in the conflict Spartacus and Crixus confront Marcus Crassus and he's a mean son of a bitch.

I for one fucking love Spartacus Blood and Sand but haven't had the chance to watch Vengeance or Gods of the Arena yet. (I have GOTA but am waiting for the missus to finish Blood and Sand) As for epic quotations to naysayers I say this:

"I have done this thing because it is just. Blood demands blood. We have lived and lost at the whims of our masters for too long. I would not have it so. I would not see the passing of a brother, for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from a chest, or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wish this, yet it is done. It is done. Your lives are your own. Forge your own path, or join with us, and together we shall see Rome tremble."

(That quote along with the supporting music = TRULY EPIC)
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In reply to LuckyBatard, #26:

Fuck yeah!
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In reply to LuckyBatard, #26:

It's okay the writers are amazing and keep you guessing, in season 2 they bend the truth for all the history buffs out there, don't want to spoil anything but you should def watch the GOTA and then Season 2. Also brace for more epic quotes.

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In reply to Juco, #1:

Dude the Defacication was awesome!!!!!
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In reply to GigabitPwr, #29:

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