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Spookygirl Lady of Art
Quick and long sketchesSo yesterday (March 20, 2012) My character drawings and design class went to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to do sketches of the live and dead animals there for our next assignment. So with about 3 hours to draw and 1 hour to eat lunch (long long long lines there).
I did about 4 or 5 pages worth of 30 second to 1 minuet sketches first then ate lunch, then did my long 15-25 minuet sketches. so here are the results ---

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Karl Roosterspeak
In reply to Spookygirl, #1:

Thats brilliant i cant even draw a stick man in 30 seconds
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Spookygirl Lady of Art
In reply to karlbutton94, #2:

Oh thanks, They are no where near as good as some of my classmates who make it look like a finished drawing. But I'm a real sketchy person when I sketch. I normally don't use or do clean lines when sketching quickly.
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jackie Site Admin
We already have a Sketches thread. It's stickied.

Please do a search of the forum and contribute to existing threads before creating new ones. The rules of the forum are also stickied.
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