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BigBen more than 90
Where do you work / want to work?if you have your "perfect job" you can chime in too
Right now my only real job is doing science shows for little kids with mad science Inc, but 98% likley I'm going to law school after I graduate next year. then I dont know exactly what I'll do, I suppose it depends on what I deci...
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Work for the BC govn't in health care... Ya.. health care.. but i work on the networks!!! honest (i'm just there for the nurses, i know)
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In reply to Zadem, #92:

I work for a company called starway. I am a spot op. and stage hand in the show room at pechanga casino's show room. last show I did was last saturday for Pat Benatar
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I work for NASA
I clean the shuttle toilets (fit new toilet rolls, ect), but hope to get promotion soon.

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In reply to athens, #94:

I am a Fire Fighter. I work 10 days a month (24 hr days). So I get 20 days off a month.

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In reply to athens, #94:
I work for NASA
I clean the shuttle toilets (fit new toilet rolls, ect), but hope to get promotion soon.

so you are the jerk they got to replace me... i loved that job!
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Gavino Cast & Crew
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In reply to klurejr, #96:

No wonder they fired you, you wouldn't believe what was stuck to the rim of the pan,
and another thing all the porn mags were well out of date,
astranauts need fresh material if they are going to keep all their body parts functioning.
I love your old job!
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In reply to athens, #98:

I work (ocasionaly) for a wonderful company called Onyx Internet

Which gives me bandwidth which most of you would dream of
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Spartan Sponsor
Laser Quest because you get paid $7+ an hour for seating around and giving change when the machine is broken Oh and sometimes tellin every1 the rules.
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In reply to TheDagdaMor, #95:
In reply to athens, #94:

I am a Fire Fighter. I work 10 days a month (24 hr days). So I get 20 days off a month.

The best job ever is mine. I am a Marine, so I get paid to shoot guns and blow shit up. Also, I'm the CommO, so my other job is to make sure the internet connections (and radios and phones) are working. So I'm "working" right now, doing QA tests on our connection, making sure it works.

On the other hand, the location kinda sucks....
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In reply to M3talhead, #17:

Loser.... You don't blow SHIT up That's EOD's job.. Damn 3C0

I fix some of the shit he breaks. That and I run the infrastructure for a base network.

Ideal job.. Hmmm... beta tester

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In reply to dragonfyre, #29:

come now Army of one how stufpid. All the branches teach thier troops "team work" . You can't achieve that with just one.
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In reply to BigBen, #1:

Right now I'm an Air Traffic Controller ...I'd like to be an OH-6 or OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot..

As a civliian I'd like to work at a GCA Facility or a sweet tower.
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Right now I'm a Pathmark Deli Whore, working for $7.25/hr. It's billions of times better than my previous job of being a Blockbuster Bitch.

I'd like to be a lab technician at my local university (OIT - Office of Information Technology) for a few reasons:

1) I'm a Computer Science major and any work with computers is excellent for my resume.
2) $9.16/hr, 20 hr weeks, with a potential to earn up to $15/hr.
3) I would actually be able to afford my own tuition payments.
4) Did I mention the money? For a part-time job for a college student, it's pretty damn good.

Also, the job is a joke. You literally sit on your ass for 5-8 hours a day (there's a reason it's nicknamed "lab sitting"), occasionally helping a user out with problems. I've logged (thus far) over 200 hours in the labs, and I've yet to see a tech actually do hard work.

Hard work. There's some work involved, such as helping users login, using word, printing, etc ... (which is just your basic customer service, of which I have a ton of experience with); but, there's no difficult work. You don't diagnose problems. You don't fix machines. And, no programming is involved.

(My defenition of hard work: debugging a 40,000 line program - written in one file - that's all spaghetti logic)

You also get administrative access over the local network, and are allowed to do whatever on the machine (homework, etc ...), as long as the lab doesn't get out of control.

The only reason I don't have the job right now is because I'm a fucking retard and signed up for all day classes, leaving very little wiggle room. OIT is closed on the weekends (of which I had no classes during), and they need people during the daytime (which is exactly the time I am in class). Oh, yes, I shall learn from my mistakes!

(Experience isn't an issue here. I have experience. Much more than your average college student. In fact, the only reason I'm in college is so I can get a degree, and move on to a Masters and PhD. Otherwise I could happily accept a full-time position for $12/hr but, I actually want to advance in life, provide for a family, and generally stop being such a leech)
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im a trucker with my dads company right now, not that kind i hall black dirt and crap from and to construction sights.... it pays well at leats, i also work at a halloween carnivale thing right now. im one of those guys that hides in a costume and jumps out at huanted houses..... you sometimes get to touch things ha.... I also refer at a paintball feild near my house. when the halloween carnival is over i plane on working there part time and driveing part time cuase right now i dont get paid for refeing but i get discounts.

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My job currently: Helping my parents get a business up and running.
My dream job: Becoming an on base Meteorologist in the Air Force, or just a regular Meteorologist majoring Tornadoes. (Also a tornado chaser).
My dream dream job: Becoming a famous singer.
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i want to work so i can get money so i can do stuff and buy stuff
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i want to work at rooster teeth SO BAD i want to but i cant SO IRITATING
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I'm finishing media college and at the moment do odd commissions of cartoons and charicatures for money. But I'd love to actually get into a company that makes animated shows or games and do some animating or concept design for them.
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I work at a farm and mow lawns over summer and shovel snow and walk dogs and more when I can with my friends soon I will get a weekend Job at McDonald's.
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I manage a night club and I like my's crazy but in a, "wow! Did you see that?" kinda way. Late hours though, that's strating to grind on me.
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My current job: A Plumber.

My dream job: Toronto Police ETF
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I work for Sprint as Lead Retail Sales Consultant...
My dream job? being a Father, also not working because I would be a a owner of many homes :)

but my next step to getting closer to my dream job? Freelance programmer + Getting Promoted
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In reply to BatJeff, #112:

Toronto Canada?
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Tgjanlee Peak Bees
Current Job? ~ I work for a pharmaceutical graphic design agency.

Dream Job? ~ Working in a boutique graphic design agency. (One not restricted to a single market).

I'm doing what I love which is awesome and I'm just starting out. I'm excited for the future.
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I'm a student and I work at the equipment lab for the Cinema department.

My dream job would probably be Rooster Teeth (yeah, i'm that guy), but realistically, I'd love to work for Fox Searchlight. They make good movies. Honestly, I just want to be involved in entertainment in some fashion.
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LeHoTheToad Sponsor
Would love to do work in film, mostly writing and directing

Currently im a lifeguard
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Dream Job: Astronaut
Current Job: Work in a small sports store and handle most of the lacrosse stuff, it's great for a part-time job.
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I work for a moving company. Sucks big time but oh well.
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work for the EPA as a student there and I would like to work for a game company as a map designer
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