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29 year-old male from Durham. CT
I make videos! I also help Tudor mange the official Achievement Hunter twitter account. You should follow that and my personal one. Do it you wont!

I just have momentary lapses of of spelling incompetence
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I Am So SorryMy name is Brandon. You may know me as Fragger or Axnollouse from the work I did with Achievement Hunter.

While I worked for Achievement Hunter I helped cover up the sexual harassment of a minor.

Most of what you are going to read here is from my own memory. Memory that has become fuzzy over the last 4 years due to increased alcohol consumption due the following information.

Back in 2011, I was laying in bed watching a movie at about 2am on my 360 (a thing I used to do all the time) and I started to getting party invites. After 10 minutes of constant messages I joined the party and was told the following.

An underage member of the site was getting very explicit calls/text message from Knuckles Dawson (aka David Dreger). This person had gotten his number because of the fact that he had publicly tweeted it and this person was a fan.

It didn't take long for things to get sexual with texts like (After being wished Happy Birthday) "Thanks ;) I've already been offered birthday blowjobs already. WTF?", a text about the size of his penis, "Want me to send you pictures that would get me arrested," describing the 'ideal blowjob' and "If was to see you IRL would you like the possibility of a training session?" This person said no to each of these, he would say he would stop then say something else of a sexual nature later on.

This person was clearly shaken up and did not want to be named and didn't want anyone to "get in trouble." I stated that while I would do my best to keep them anonymous, I would have to tell Geoff about this. I asked for an account of what was said to give to him which I received.

The next day I contacted Geoff on AIM and stated that Knuckles (after presenting himself as an employee, which he had been doing for years) had done what I mentioned above.

His response was the following:

Geoff 5:52 pm
he does not work for us
have [this person] contact me via email

I relayed this information and emails wer...
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