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Just Released
Title Platforms Points Released
Fort Defense
Take part in an uncompromising struggle repelling freebooters' assaults.
PC  0 2 days ago
Pixel Star
Endless arcade action takes a modern twist, creating a uniquely challenging open space shoot-em-up experience.
PC  0 2 days ago
Two Digits
Simple, minimalist and difficult. Two Digits is a perfect blend between insanity and happiness.
PC  0 2 days ago
Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race
People of Animalville got a carting fever and you must help one of them reach for the championship.
PC  0 2 days ago
New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia
A captivating detective adventure with elements of mysticism, telling a story of kidnapped children and mafia bosses.
PC  0 2 days ago
Take the wheel from your favourite driver and drop into a 200 MPH traffic jam, with the complete race weekend experience.
Xbox 360 
2 days ago
Spy Chameleon
An arcade-puzzle game where the player must avoid being seen thanks to the chameleon’s ability to change colours and camouflage.
Xbox One  1,000 2 days ago
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
CARMAGEDDON: REINCARNATION is HERE! And it's the antidote to Racing Games.
PC  0 3 days ago
Bunker - The Underground Game
You spend rest of your absurd adventure puzzling, mini gaming, pointing, clicking, and hipstering.
PC  0 3 days ago
Drive Any Track
Drive Any Track is a high octane music based racing game where we create racetracks from the songs in your music library.
PC  0 3 days ago
Always The Same Blue Sky...
A gripping seaside adventure following the connection of two young souls, each unknowingly helping the other make sense of a world.
PC  0 3 days ago
Space Robot Samurai Zombie Slayer
We are not alone in the universe, its filled with Zombies!
PC  0 3 days ago
Angry Birds Epic
Lead your feathery team into battle now – it’s going to be EPIC!
Windows Phone  200 4 days ago
You are Jillian Cleary: an ex-spy on the run, framed for treason and hunted by your former agency.
PC  0 4 days ago
Gran Vitreous
Upgrade your ships equipment and level up as you battle through a galaxy filled with randomly generated encounters.
PC  0 4 days ago
Farming Simulator 15
Farming with the newest updates.
Xbox 360 
Xbox One 
5 days ago
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The next game in the Witcher series.
Xbox One  1,000 5 days ago
D Series OFF ROAD Racing Simulation
The title features 5 different vehicles and 6 large open world maps with more than 50 Miles of trails, two tracks and racing.
PC  0 5 days ago
Spoko and Poko
Drop in to the world of two friendly beetles: relaxed Spoko and angry friend Poko.
PC  0 6 days ago
Mystik Belle
Being a student of mystical arts is hard work, doubly so if you are Belle MacFae - a freshman student at Hagmore School of Magic.
PC  0 1 week ago
NERO is a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty where a kid is the key to all locks and the night is not as frightening.
Xbox One  1,000 1 week ago
Toro, is the first bullfighting simulator game, that will challenge your skills, reflex and fast reactions interacting with 500kg bulls.
Xbox One  1,000 1 week ago
Luna's Wandering Stars
A planetary physics game that challenges you to master the powers of the universe.
PC  0 1 week ago
Overkill 3
A third time is a bit of an overkill.
Windows Phone 
1 week ago
Batla is the awesome shooter game about robots, which came to conquer the Earth, but turned to be were too small for that.
PC  0 1 week ago
Brain Guzzler
Guzzle brains and keep the zombie conga alive! Brain Guzzler is an action packed classic where you take control of the zombie outbreak.
PC  0 1 week ago
Axiom Verge
Explore and uncover the mystery of a surreal alien world by blasting aliens and glitching your environment in this intense retro side-scroller.
PC  0 1 week ago
An enchanting game of logic and relaxation.
PC  0 1 week ago
Quell Memento
The sequel that came out on the same day as the original.
PC  0 1 week ago
Quell Reflect
And then the sequel's sequel.
PC  0 1 week ago
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