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Achievements Sorted by Difficulty
Title Points Game
A Monument to All Your Sins  
  HARD x1212
Single Player — Completed every mission in Halo: Reach alone, on Legendary.
150 Halo: Reach
Mile High Club  
  HARD x519
Single Player — Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty
20 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Save This Film  
  HARD x516
Multiplayer — On a Mythic map, get a Perfection medal during any ranked or social match.
25 Halo 3
Star 69  
  HARD x425
Multiplayer — Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.
90 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
What Are You Trying to Prove?  
  HARD x411
Survive all campaigns on Expert.
35 Left 4 Dead
Vidmaster Challenge: Endure  
  HARD x409
Multiplayer — In Firefight, on any mission, passed the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op.
25 Halo 3: ODST
  HARD x330
Single Player — Complete the game on the "Insanity" difficulty level without changing the setting.
75 Mass Effect 2
Running the Show  
  HARD x319
Multiplayer — Obtain the General Rank on Xbox LIVE
50 Halo Wars
  HARD x299
No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.
30 Left 4 Dead
Detour the Great Journey  
  HARD x286
Single Player — Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty
50 Halo Wars
Nothing Special  
  HARD x254
Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected.
30 Left 4 Dead
The Ultimatum  
  HARD x239
Single Player — Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All In', and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran difficulty
40 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Bow Chicka Bow Wow!  
  HARD x228
Single Player — As Tucker, unsucessfully hit on Tex five times without dying.
20 Red vs. Blue
  HARD x222
Single Player — Survive all campaigns on Expert.
35 Left 4 Dead 2
Hardened War Hero  
  HARD x219
Single Player — Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
100 Call of Duty: World at War
  HARD x219
Single Player — Survive a campaign on Expert skill with Realism mode enabled.
35 Left 4 Dead 2
Seriously 3.0  
  HARD x183
Multiplayer — Reach level 100 and earn every Onyx medal.
100 Gears of War 3
Key To The City  
  HARD x183
Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.
100 Grand Theft Auto IV
Aperture Science  
  HARD x159
Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
40 The Orange Box
Speed Reader  
  HARD x143
Single Player — Complete the level �The Library� on Legendary difficulty in 30 minutes or less.
25 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Epic Tier 3 Engineer  
  HARD x138
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting
150 Dead Space
Seriously ...  
  HARD x133
Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total
50 Gears of War
7 Day Survivor  
  HARD x124
TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Survive for at least 7 days.
20 Dead Rising
Sith Master  
  HARD x123
Complete Game - Sith Master difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.
100 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Hard to the Core  
  HARD x123
Single Player — Complete the game on Hard Core setting.
50 Dead Space 2
The Sum of All Zeros  
  HARD x122
Single Player — Down 45 Japanese Zeros in ‘Black Cats’. (Solo only)
15 Call of Duty: World at War
Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah  
  HARD x120
Surround one piece with six black pearls.
25 Hexic HD
Auto Fanatic  
  HARD x114
Single Player — Drive every vehicle in the city.
30 L.A. Noire
Perfect Knight  
  HARD x108
Single Player — 100% Complete.
75 Batman: Arkham Asylum
For the Motherland  
  HARD x107
Single Player — Complete ‘Heart of the Reich’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
30 Call of Duty: World at War
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