Piata Value Master
One Piata worth 10,000 chocolate coins
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only the green dragonache is worth 11000 coins, i have a brown one and a blue one, each only worth 8000 and something
another good way to get this achievement is to have a roario resident, base value of 5500, then give it the most expensive item from each accessory catagory and if that still hasn't unlocked the achievement, send it on parties until you unlock it.
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Fail safe way to earn this award, hatch the Dragonache. It's worth 11,000 coins right off the bat. However, you do have to build a mine.

The mines are available from Willy Builder at level 26, for 16,500 chocolate coins. You will also need to hire one or more Diggerlings from Arfur's Inn. The Diggerlings are now able to unearth a Dragonache egg, however it may take a while.

Otherwise, wait for a higher gardening level and send high level pinata like the Fourheads or the Chewnicorn to the Factory Challenges.
Also adding accessories to pinata increases their value.
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