Lightning Strike
Sprint for 100 meters.
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there are so many chase missions in the first 3 memory blocks you will eventually get it during one of them twice as fast if you keep getting pick pocketed ...bastards they almost make me miss the beggars ....not really
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PhilB I am Catbug
i got this right after entering as Ezio after the big fight with the Pazzi's. running back to the villa made this achievement all the more easy.
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Another good place to get this is near where you get the High Dive achievement. It's a pretty open area so you won't bump into people.
Also you go there early in the game so its an achievement you can get very quickly.
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just sprint from the door of your villa all the way to the entrance to monteriggioni twice you should get it no problem
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this one is exactly how it sounds. you don't have to sprint for 100 meters continuously so just keep hoping around on those roofs and you'll get it in no time
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